Monday, June 30, 2008

half way through 2008

well, we're half way through the year already. can you believe it? in an earlier post, I mentioned "half way" goals- to check in on the goals we did or didn't set at the beginning of 2008 and now want to finish before 2009 arrives. I don't know if I had a complete list (or if I did where it is now), but I've compiled a few good goals to pursue during this half of 2008.
I was inspired by erin's list of 2008 goals, and used her format as a guide. thanks erin!

Personal Goals:
1. Have consistent daily devotions
2. Believe in the good parts of people
3. Exercise daily
4. Get back to my WW goal weight by December 1
5. Walk in a benefit race- registered for breast cancer walk on October 18th
6. Cut out soda

House Goals:
1. CER room re-decorated- paint ceiling, paint walls, blinds, drapes, bedding, rug
2. Complete dining room painting
3. Paint hallway
4. Gather master bedding/ area rug ideas
5. Back Hall- hire painter, uppercase living idea, artwork, pictures
6. Purge SOR desk, closet, books, dresser
7. Re-decorate my creative space- paint walls, paint cabinets, rug, drape, pictures, uppercase
8. Bathroom shutters replaced
9. Glassblock windows in basement
10. Plumbing estimates

Craft/Creative Goals:
1. Scrapbook projects- SOR scrap, Vacation journaling, 39 year project album, All about Me scrap, SOR school days, CER school days
2. Compose a holiday craft gift list
3. Complete holiday gift making or purchasing by December 1st
4. Knit myself something wonderful
5. Learn to crochet
6. Make a freezer paper stenciled t-shirt

Work Goals:
1. Reach $500,000 in career sales
2. Reach 50+ career recruits
3. Maintain 4-6 shows per month
4. Enjoy helping others!
5. Be content with the business and hosts God gives me.

*the goals on the list that have been completed are now in my favorite color-pink! maybe having lots of pink on the list will keep me inspired.
*the goals on the list that are in progress are in blue!

I hope you'll think about the goals that are still on your list and go for it! complete them!

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