Tuesday, October 14, 2008

extreme room makeover

so, poor connor has been a traveler of sorts over the past few months, while we have been making slow progress in his room makeover. I purchased the bedding and rug several months ago. mark removed the window {that the previous owners left after an addition was put on the back of the house}, and we patched it the best we could. then the progress slowed. painting the ceiling and repainting the walls was just too much for me to tackle without mark. every so often I would get really inspired and clean out connor's room as to motivate myself to continue making progress. he would then sleep in either spencer's room or ours, while I decided what I was going to do. poor little guy. no bed for his little head.
if you're anything like mark and I, you get some extra gumption when you know family or friends are coming to visit. we have this happen each time someone comes to stay. some are small unnoticeable changes, some are large obvious changes, but all are on our list of house projects needing a little push in the right direction.

so uncle rich, aunt linda, and andelyn came to stay for this past weekend. guess what had to be finished? yep...connor's room HAD to be done before they arrived friday night. I'm happy to say it was!! but only because mark and I worked together as a team to complete the work.

here are a few photos of our semi completed room- I say semi only because I want to order a saying from Uppercase Living for his large wall beside his bed and need to find a poster frame large enough for clone wars to be hung up. enjoy...

on thursday after we completed our work, mark made this sign to post on connor's door:

when connor realized he couldn't go into his room until after school, he made this sign for mark:

connor pre-reveal:

we got a thumbs up of approval:

I learned a few things during this process.

  1. mark is the starter; I am the finisher.
  2. mark cuts in; I roll.
  3. I don't have to do everything by myself.
  4. it's fun to have a partner working with you.
  5. little changes mean a lot to a five year old.
  6. be prepared for your older child to envy your younger child.
  7. be sure to have documentation of older child's previous room makeover at the ready.
  8. have lots of pain medicine on hand for body aches.
  9. simple is best.
  10. I find joy, joy, joy in a little boy's smile!


mark said...

it is great to be done, it was great to work with my best partner, it was so worth it to see connor's reaction! i guess i am the starter, and

stitching under oaks said...

it looks great! i love the color! his smile and the thumbs up say it all...great job you two!

and i LOVE your new header! so great!

Tom said...

wow ... the room looks great ... good job
Uncle Tom