Wednesday, July 2, 2008

40 day tribute

yesterday the calendar said we were 40 days out from mark's 40th birthday. my intention was to honor him each day with a spot on this blog. sorry honey, I'm a day behind. the thought was there-the time was not. yesterday morning mark found out he had to travel to ohio for work on wednesday afternoon and thursday. we then decided the boys and I would travel with him and surprise my parents with a visit. no surprise visit to mom and dad's house, they're out of town visiting grandma mcguirk. lucky us we have more family we can spend time with!

back to the honoring...
day 40
july 1, 2008
family man

it means the world to me that you love to be with the boys and me. you'd rather be at home than any other place, and we wouldn't have it any other way. time... that's what you lavish on us. time to play, time to talk, time to listen, time to create, time to just be. we thank you for your time and how you lavish it on us. our family man is loved.
day 39
july 2, 2008
"let's play"

you're a rare find. you are one of a handful of dads I know who LOVES to play with our children. you don't go out and throw the baseball because you "should" or "have to", you genuinely love to play with the boys. I love that about you. baseball practice wouldn't be practice, if you didn't take on a "coach" role and assist jeff. when I mow over the worn spots in our backyard that make up our very own "backyard baseball field", I have to smile. you care enough to take the time (there's that word again) to create fun, but not only fun... lasting memories.

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