Monday, October 20, 2008

family fun by giving back

saturday was a big day for our family. our walk for the American Cancer Society in honor of kris had finally arrived. finishing this homemade t-shirt started our day of with a right purpose. mark was able to paint a perfect pink ribbon and connor was able to write the perfect name to walk in honor of.

we were out the door before the sun woke up as we had to drive to ann arbor to meet up with kris' team. mark reminded all of us that no matter what discomfort or pain we might experience during this day, it in no way compared to the discomfort and pain mrs. koveleski had already endured. so when we were uncomfortable we should pray for comfort for mrs. koveleski:

our reason for walking:miss michigan {who's platform is breast cancer early detection and education} was a member of our team! she spoke during the opening ceremonies and posed for numerous pictures-one with our own cer. we walked around this lake. see that bright red tree? when we arrived at registration, we walked around to "check out" our surroundings. I immediately spotted this red tree. Of all the fall tree colors, the bright red trees always grab my eye. in this photo the red tree stands. it isn't the largest tree. it isn't the tallest tree. it is mostly hidden by other trees. but it stands tall.

in this photo at this moment this tree stood out. I have a hand full of best friends, and kris is one of them. as much as I was looking forward to walking on saturday, I have to admit my apprehension about the day arriving as well. I feared crying too much, feared not having kris well enough to be there with us, feared feeling sad, feared breast cancer. instead of these fears becoming reality, my day was filled with hope. hope that a cure will be found. hope that treatments are now so advanced that more and more women {and men} are surviving breast cancer. hope for my friend. the personal stories shared from the podium were inspiring, honest, and hopeful. I saw kris in these women! with each treatment she takes, she inspires me even more! she is one of the strongest women I know. Thank You Kris, for giving me the opportunity to help end breast cancer! I love you!


Sarah S. said...

What a beautiful post.
*Tears streaming down* Hope is one of the most beautiful words I know!

mark said...

it was an incredibly moving day. but not in the way that i expected. i echo your sentiment of being surprised by hope. surprised that my 20/20 memories of the day are not focused on sad stories or faces. it is of the courage of our captain, the women that shared their stories from the podium and the women who's stories you could almost read on their faces. the day was dominated by joy. a celebration of kris. intimate conversations with both her and al. poignant views into the everyday of her fight. we desired that she would feel the warmth of the support of her team and all those there to walk. i truly felt the mirrored reflection of that encouragement in each and every step. i was moved, taught, inspired, humbled, challenged, refreshed. and overwhelmed by the complete displacement of apprehension and sadness, by pure joy and hope. thank you for being best friends with this courageous woman and her beautiful family. and thereby allowing our family to participate in their lives. and for showing me first hand, what it means to be a true friend.

stitching under oaks said...

I'm so glad the day went well, I know so much went into it ahead of time, with prayer. God is so good to have answered all those prayers so wonderfully.