Sunday, June 29, 2008

a special prayer

this morning when we got in the car to go to church, it was lightly raining and connor said "dad, can I say a special prayer?" "of course, go ahead" mark said
"dear heavenly father, we pray for mom-mom and pop-pop as they have a safe trip home. that the rain won't stop them. in Jesus name, amen."
my son has the most tender heart. he is the first to ask "are you okay?" "can I help you?" "can we pray for him?" I love this so much! I love that one of his first thoughts was to pray when he saw the rain. a great reminder for me-pray first.

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Mom Mom said...

What special grandsons we have! We're so proud of both of them and especially touched that Connor would think of our safety as we drove home on Sunday.