Monday, January 10, 2011

two little words

for the past few years, I've watched ali start her "one little word" project. a few times I even tried to play along by picking a word then, after only a few months, loose steam and focus. this year I think I've found two little words that are sustainable for my entire year..."just start."

for me it's not always the big projects that get procrastinated. it can be something as simple as making a doctor's appointment or getting new windshield wipers...important but not urgent, yet an item on a "to do" list adding to the mental clutter I carry around.

but most often, I find myself dead in my tracks when tackling things I'm afraid of or have no experience doing. remember my pleated apron? I had the supplies in my craft room for three months before I tackled it. really?! and then once it was sewn, I asked myself "why did you wait so long to try that?"

in an effort to get our family rhythm back, I'm forcing routine and "just start" moments. today these simple just start moments made me smile:

{finally using gift cards}
{finishing laundry and ironing}
{getting our surroundings back to simple}
I hope you have something you can "just start," so it will be just finished sooner than you think! next up for me? applying for a passport!


Valula said...

What a great idea!

As I unloaded the dishwasher this evening (I'd normally leave it until morning) I thought to myself that I was making life harder on myself by procrastinating about it instead of just getting on with it...

What funny creatures we are.

I think I might follow your lead with this, just need to summarise what my word(s) will be....maybe I'll procrastinate about that for a while tho :-S


stitching under oaks said...

PASSPORT???!!! oh boy...sounds exciting. I like your two little words for the year. Perfect for checking off things from that to do list. I need to think of my word for the year.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What wonderful words!! Fantastic motto and one I am going to adopt!

Jessica said...

Yes! Two little words, just love the simplicity there. I have been putting off my annual exam for too long. I'm going to take courage & "just start" by making an appointment asap. The simple things make life don't they. Great captures. What a fab computer. I'm still in the dark ages with mine. Yes, I'm lusting a little ;) ok, ok, a lot!


Journeying Five said...

Oh my goodness do I ever understand this post. The things that I can procastinate on are crazy. Right now I should be putting on a binding for a quilt that was for a graduation in 2009. Starting is the hardest part. So bye bye. I am going to do that now :)

From All Stitched Up said...

I love your words. Since I've been thinking about having a more balanced life I've realized how much I need it. I think you'll have fun with your words. I'm also intrigued by the passport !

Meg said...

I think your two words are fantastic advice for everyone! I just made my dermatologist appt earlier this week, maybe now I'll "just start" and go see a doctor about my allergies before I spend yet another spring unable to breathe!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I "just started" a bunch of things. Of course they're all craft projects! Did you have any doubts?

Gloria said...

Dear Kristyn,

You are SO right about these two little words. I NEED to see these words on a regular basis as a reminder, for me to keep to the task at hand! :) Maybe in a created pretty picture or artwork??!!
Thanks for the inspiration today!! I LOVE THIS! :) With God's strength we can do anything!!

Have a warm-hearted day my friend!

XOXO Gloria

p.s. I am going to check out Ali's "one little word" project too. Thanks for sharing the link...:)

Larissa said...

a passport does sound so very exciting - i will live vicariously through you!

Love the words you chose. I tend to do what i enjoy and "forget" to complete the things that are not so fun - like drs appts and cleaning bathroom floors. I'm off to hang a "just start" note on my fridge - and maybe tomorrow I too will make that pesky drs appt. (doctor is not pesky - just the appt!)

APA said...

My husband used to joke that I didn't feel as if I'd been on vacation unless my passport was stamped. Alas, they don't even do that these days anymore, but simply swipe!

A passport will open up new doors. And it's an exciting adventure.

And it's funny that something that seems so daunting is quickly done whereas the small tasks, as you mentioned, seem to take a back burner...because of some nagging little insecurity, some self-doubt.

How you described about the pleated apron is exactly how I feel most times I get ready to start a sewing project and many of the creative endeavors I enjoy, no matter how long I've been sewing, photographing, etc.

I believe you and I, we have these enormous expectations, perhaps to be perfect, in every little stitch, for example, expectations we've created for ourselves?

"Just start"is a most perfect and simple mantra for this new year.

We'll do it together.

Happy, happy 2011!


a friend to knit with said...

i like that a lot.
and choosing a word... perfect...
and applying for a passport... F U N!

Molly said...

there are so many things i need to just start. i should start now by putting the computer back in the cabinet and getting to work :)