Friday, January 7, 2011

finish one, start another

my final projects from my ADVENTure 2010...

first up, another set of beautiful shoe bags. I fell in love with this fabric collection at joann's and had to narrow my selection to just four! this time I used a fabric with brown, so I could use the brown cotton twill tape (instead of searching after the elusive black cotton twill tape).


I think my two little words for 2011 need to be "just start," because once I did, this project was finished. can make this! and now that I have finished one, I know a few more special people in my life will be receiving an apron this year! you can find the tutorial on darby's blog here.
project notes: I purchased my fabric at joann's in the home decor section. I would definitely make the ties longer next time. as you see in Darby's photo, she's a rather thin lady. when I tried on the finished apron, I could knot it in the back, but nothing more. nothing like making a project that reminds me to start walking again!

finished gift count: 17
finished santa count: 5
finished home deco count: 4


and it wouldn't be Christmas if I didn't use my kitchen and my love for baking to gift others. I spent many wonderful hours creating all of this:
with all of these recipes:
{caramel corn snack mix}
{chocolate dipped oreos}
{oreo truffles}
{seven layer cookies}
and {chocolate covered pretzels}
so as I finish one year, I start another anticipating all the places God will take me through this gift of creating. I'd love for you to join me in ADVENTure 2011! watch for your invitation to link up soon.


Stephanie said...

I love that apron, the pleat is so fun! I'm going to bookmark that tutorial now, thanks! The fabric you found at Joann's is really cool.

I need to get back to walking real soon, although we just got snow today, so I don't see that happening anytime soon. Your treats are making my mouth water and not exactly helping with the need to lose weight, just makes me want to bake! YUM!!!

From All Stitched Up said...

Everything you made is perfect. I really enjoy sewing these days. I was just thinking that the apron could be a birthday present for a friend or two. Thanks for the idea. I'm looking forward to another great crafting year myself. I'm looking forward to your advent ture too!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

What beautiful, lovely gifts you made. Thank you so much for the apron tutorial link, it has been added to this years to do's of sewing.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

So, were you a master baker in another life? If not, it looks like you're one in this life. My, your treats look wonderful (and professional!).

I have a lot of vintage aprons that can only be tied in the back -- I should take the hint and walk more too! Instead I tell myself that people were smaller back then!

I'm really good at starting projects, but I have a short attention span so I tend to start lots, finish little.

mark said...

i love being first-person to all your brillance and love in creating. and i love the idea of finish / start. "finish / start, finish / start ..." is going through my head. at the FINISH of every day i question whether i have loved you like you deserve, and then dream about STARTing all over again at the next sunrise!

Gloria said...

Very cool apron! I am trying to recommit to exercising this year. I sure felt better when I made that a higher priority in my life.

Your projects all turned out wonderfully. How very blessed your friends and family were to receive them!

Have a great weekend!

XOXO Gloria

stitching under oaks said...

Everything your ADVENTure led you to was wonderfully created and gifted. I'm in for this year. No doublt, I'll be watching you for hints along the way....thanks for sharing your ADVENTure with the rest of us. I love the shoe bag fabrics and the apron is just ta-da! It is perfect.

Larissa said...

oh my, i see january makes you want to sew aprons too! You look absolutely adorable in your apron! And the shoe bags are perfect for all the traveling that you do! You are well on your way lady - it's only the first week of the year and look at all you have accomplished! enjoy your new machine.

The WoodLand School said...

I think I yelped aloud when I saw that apron! So, so adorable!!!

I must confess that I'm now craving seven-layer cookies ... and wondering if you'd be kind enough to share the caramel corn snack mix recipe??? :-)

Jessica said...

I love it! Beautiful! You go girl! Just start is already working for you but honey you are already the most industrious person I know. I see your servants/givers heart. It's radiant!
Those goodies look so yum! I wish I was there. I love to bake. We could do our Christmas baking together. Wouldn't that be fun! Dreaming ;)

Have a terrifical ;) day tomorrow!

Lots of love & xx!

a friend to knit with said...

oh, the goodness you create!!!
and the joy you share.