Thursday, January 6, 2011

wrapping it up

I've been a little slow with the take down. I know many of you have long since packed up Christmas and moved on to New Year's resolutions, new projects, and new adventures. I'll catch up. I'm just a little slow.

during our many driving hours down to Florida to spend Christmas with Mark's family, I decided to take January very s l o w. we decorate early and take it down late. we alternate holidays and travel a lot. it's just what we do. so I enjoy using the first few weeks of January to take stock, stock up, and continue enjoying the warmth of the season.

before the weekend comes and the decorations come down and I move on a bit, I want to share a few sights of our December:

:: our reason for the season, the Christ child ::
:: favorite tree ornaments ::
:: craft traditions ::
:: many hours of kitchen fun ::
:: time spent blessing others ::
:: quality time with one family ::
:: and then another ::
and tomorrow, the finish to my 2010 ADVENTure. see you then!


From All Stitched Up said...

It may look like I'm done and moved on should see the mess on the dining room table and in my sewing room. I'm just ignoring it for now. Looks like the holidays were fun at your house.

stitching under oaks said...

looks like your pace is just the way you enjoyed the month of December. I'm taking stock too and I'll be joining you in your ADVENTure this year. Thanks for all the inspiration.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I have had a hard time getting everything put away from Christmas. We had such a wonderful time that I just don't want it to be over :). It looks like you had a wonderful holiday as well. I am totally looking forward to your ADVENTure this year!

Stephanie said...

Looks like you are really embracing the holidays! Keep on enjoying, I wish it wasn't over :)

josiekitten said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! Happy New Year!

Meg said...

Looks like a wonderful and delicious time. I have put away our decorations, but the pine needles linger...

Jessica said...

oh kristyn, i'm so happy that you are giving yourself the gift of ~slow~ this month! you deserve it!
in book slow is good along with family & love. looks like you have plenty of goodness to enjoy. love the love you captured through your lens!


Firefly said...

I love what you say about 'continuing the warmth of the season'. I haven't put our Christmas things away yet either -- slow is good! Love the wonderful family photos and your decorations are lovely - like you.

Larissa said...

How awesome that you were able to visit both your families over the holidays! I'm taking it slow too - we still have a new year's tree up. Can not wait to see what you create in the coming year!