Tuesday, January 25, 2011

a beginning

please forgive me for being a day late sharing my ADVENTure projects. a little bit of sickness has hit our home, so snuggling and pampering took priority to this post.

this is what I've been working on this month:

:: a chunky cowl ::
Pattern: Chunky Cowl
Yarn: Gedifra, Benevito, Wine Red
Needles: US 17 circular
Project Notes: I loved this yarn. it was chunky and easy on the needles.

:: a new stack of these ::

:: Christmas thank you notes ::

:: Christmas gift tags ::

:: and a continuation of my stitched santas ::

tip of the month: you've made your gift recipient list. you're creating gifts. now don't wait until December to think about gift wrap and gift tags!

last year I thought it would be great to wait until December and spread out all my creations (enter a little sinful pride) and admire them (enter a little more sinful pride). when the time came to start wrapping, I realized I had to back track to make gift tags with use and care instructions. ugghh. so this year, we've picked our wrapping colors, and I made up a few gift tags to get me started.

I've added links to the Holiday Planner and the new ADVENTure flickr group over in the sidebar. and for those of you participating in your own ADVENTure (see this post), I invite you to link up your posts here:


Meg said...

Such beautiful gifts! I am going to join in this ADVENTure--I just have to get my ducks in a row!

Denise said...

Love that cowl :) And those cards are so pretty. Are they thank you's for this past years gifts or will you be keeping them til December? I've just started making some thank u cards with my stampin up stuff but not Christmasy ones... that would be a good idea to make some sets as gifts:)

Stephanie said...

Your thank you cards are so nice and the cowl looks so nice and warm. Lovely creations!

rosemary said...

wow your thank you cards are amazing!hope you guys are feeling better.

Anonymous said...

I am so much in love with your santas !!! You HAVE to check THIS out, I think I will be adding this to my ADVENTure (and can see that you will enjoy it too !!)


The 'wool' one is SO adorable and simple :) I am excited to hear if you have seen it or not and if you will be making some (or not) Either was, I hope you enjoy it. I love your idea of making gift tags so soon and was in SHOCK that you have already created your thank you cards !!! You are definitely one step ahead of the game....or maybe 2 or 5 haha !

At Home Mommy Knits said...

That is so great you have so much done already! Love the gift tags and your santa stitching.

a friend to knit with said...

oh, gosh.
i just can't say enough about how AWESOME i think it is that you are SO darn organized...
it truly is like my brain can't think about Christmas now... and i know that if i did i would be way less stressed.

love your thank you cards!

glad you all are feeling better! xxoo

Gigi said...

Oh crikey, K! I'm already behind. I've been knitting away on an Owl Sweater for Jordan and trying to finish my Hourglass (before it's Spring ;) leaving no time for Christmas knitting. I've got lots of socks on my gift list, so I'll CO right away and get something done by Feb. -- I promise!
Your cowl is so pretty - you're such an excellent knitter! And the cards are just perfect. Thank you so much for all the great ideas!

mark said...

i love going on ADVENTures with you. and i am so glad you decided to begin anew this year.

as we travel through each holiday season, you hear the challenge so many times to "keep the spirit of Christmas alive the whole year through." so much so, that it has (for me, at least) begun to lose it's meaning. i firmly believe that you are honoring the true spirit and meaning of Christmas in your ADVENTure. and am excited to see others joining you, as well.

you are quite simply ... the best! i love everything you have created already, and have in-process. and i can't wait to see what the whole group creates this year!

Catherine said...

I love your cowl and your gift tags. I am thinking of making Christmas presents but that is as far as I have got, lots of thoughts!

stitching under oaks said...

oh girl...I'm already feeling behind. all I've been doing is basketball....basketball.... so today I'm working on a new pouch and if I like it it'll be my teacher pouches for next Christmas. Thanks for the inspiration. I love your cowl. I think I'll spend all year trying to figure out who your gifts are going to...:)

Jessica said...

Oh geez K,
You are on the ball! Good for you! I'm afraid your putting me to shame ;)

Everything that you've created so far is fantastic! Beautiful cowl, love the color!


Larissa said...

Love the cowl in red! And i'm knitting washcloths too - trying to replace many of the everyday things we use with handmade.

as i'm trying to type i keep getting distracted by mark's words "love everything you've created already" ...how awesome!

i'm working on valentine's gifts for my kiddos right now but i can't get in any making time with everyone sick and now we have a four day weekend (it's supposed to save the school money!) so no sewing time til tuesday for me.

Love your 3D cards - i need to buy more paper supplies!

The WoodLand School said...

Look at you go!!!
What lovely creations ... and what an inspiring start to this year's ADVENTure.
I think I can ... I think I can ... :-)

APA said...

I'm always in awe when I step over here for a warm and welcoming visit.

First, I hope all know good health these cold winter days. Snuggling is definitely the best medicine.

Second, as if your greetings cards weren't amazing gifts in and of themselves! The thank you notes and tags are that extra special touch you bring and share with the world.

I couldn't help but smile that here it is the first of February and you've selected the color scheme for the 2011 holiday season??? Oh my. It simply wouldn't have crossed my mind. There's only one thing I know to say...


Peace out!