Saturday, January 22, 2011

really cold

"it's cold out."
"I know. I was out earlier."
"no. I mean really cold, bundle up."

this was our conversation as I prepared to leave for work last night. first show back, with a nervous stomach, I left.

at 10:00 on my way home, I had to stop at the grocery. it seemed even colder as I got out of my warm car and stomped (because of clodhopper-kind-of- boots) into the store.
as I came out with my groceries, my mind went to the guests we served just a month ago at ChristNet. where were they tonight? had they found a shelter? could they walk around meijer all night to keep warm? "Lord keep them warm tonight."

I can't imagine not having a home to come home to. and yet for thousands among us, that is their reality. "Lord, may I have a sensitivity to the needs around me and act when I can."


Gigi said...

Such a good reminder to count our blessings and be mindful of the needs of others!
Warm hugs to you!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Beautifully said, we can never be reminded too often about gratitude and compassion for others.

Hi There. said...

Yes, certainly a good reminder. Last week I saw a woman downtown pushing a baby stroller. It was 35 degrees. I was worried. she had men with her, so I didn't offer her a ride like I have for other women & children I've seen. There is so much sadness to be seen downtown. Even here in our teeny tiny town. I felt so aware of all that I had to be thankful for! You've a wonderful giving heart krystin.
Love you.

rosemary said...

Such a good post...a good reminder to think of others who are in need. I can't imangine not having a home to come home to either. We are so fortunate.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Oh, that's such a sad thought. My co-worker just showed me a picture of a poor dog who was left outside last night and has a frost-bitten tail. The poor dog looks like he was crying....That got both of us crying. We are so, so fortunate to have that roof over our heads.

Ally Johnston said...

It is definitely good to remember how fortunate we are and that others are not in the same position

stitching under oaks said...

I've often thought about that woman and her child that you told me about...I can't imagine how cold it is to spend the night without a warm home. Thank you for this reminder to pray for those who don't have a warm home to go to at night and to look for ways to help.

Larissa said...

great post kristyn. we mustn't forget about those in need - and how they need help throughout the year and not only during thanksgiving and christmas. i feel so fortunate to have my home - full of those i love. thank you for this reminder.

Gloria said...

Beautiful post!

Here in California we have so many reminders of people who have lost their homes, I am sure in other parts of the Country too, times are tough. There are families here who have lost their jobs, which in turn leads to home loss. Compassion and "help" is a must! It is all hitting very close to home to us!! Your prayers would be appreciated for people we know personally who have hit hard times. Thank you, Kristyn!

XOXO Gloria

Catherine said...

Hello Kristyn

Thank you for your e mail. I would love to join your ADVENTure. May I make my first post 25 Feb? Thank will give me time to plan and knit - I still hope to catch up by December!!

x C