Monday, March 2, 2009

knitting updates

welcome to march everyone! can you believe january and february have already expired? one more month and this first quarter of 2009 will be over. yikes! I looked at my 2009 list of 'crafts to do', and I'm a little off track of my plan. but I have finished several projects the past two weeks! visit my flickr or ravelry to see more photos. here are my newest projects:

a completed pink paper bag baby hat for emily's new baby.
Pattern: Pink Paper Bag, from Itty Bitty Hats
Size: 0-6 months
Yarn: Bernat CottonTots, Pretty in Pink #90420
Needles: size 7 circular and size 7 dpn
Modifications: I had fun changing up my choice of baby hat patterns with this one. it took me a little longer to complete because of the picot trim edging and making the icord. I chose to make the hat one solid color instead of the stripes and add color with the edging and icord. I think it's adorable and can't wait to see it on a new baby girl.
flounces, flounces everywhere
Pattern: lisa and I first saw this scarf at leslie's. then lisa found the yarn on clearance and gifted it to me to make this scarf pattern.
Size: two skeins of yarn
Yarn: Linie 194 solo in light pink/dark pink
Needles: size 7 dpn
Modifications: I alternated between knitting the light pink edge and the dark pink edge to get the reversible scarf design. it was fun to see the ruffles show through.

chunky knit beanie
I loved this hat and wanted to make it as soon as leslie posted it. thanks for sharing such a wonderful creation, leslie!
Pattern: chunky knit beanie, by leslie friend
Size: large
Yarn: Lion Brand, Wool Ease, Thick & Quick; color-claret
Needles: size 13
Modifications: I made one chunky knit beanie and two winter warmer headbands from one skein of yarn. While the yarn is 2.25 stitches per inch, I still used size 13 needles and cast on 48 stitches. The chunky knit beanie is 28 rows total for a total of 7.5” (a little longer than leslie’s). The first headband is 3.5” (lisa's) and the second is 2” (kathy's). Quite happy with the results!
winter warmer headband
so tienne had several neckwarmers and ribby hats on her blog a few weeks ago, which I thought would be great for warmth while walking. then lisa made this awesome winter warmer, and I knew I had to make her another to match her chunky knit beanie I was knitting for her birthday present.
Pattern: a k2p2 ribbing
Yarn: Lion Brand, Wool Ease, Thick & Quick; color-claret
Needles: straight size 13
I used one skien of yarn to make one chunky knit beanie and two headbands. It is simply a k2p2 rib until you reach your desired length-high enough to cover your ears! I cast on 48 stitches for each. The first is 3.5” (for lisa) and the second is 2.0” (for kathy). try it! they’re fun!


stitching under oaks said...

Hey girl!!! Love all your projects!! Your ruffles turned out so flouncy and gorgeous. Have you worn it yet? I'll just call you Tiennie with your super size project upload :). I wore my Winter warmer yesterday as a cowl! LOVED!!!! Even got some compliments on it...oh yeah! That baby hat is just adorable. Nice work.

mark said...

bullets in response to this post:
* these projects would be the only reason i would lament the passing of winter.
* i think the "peering out from the white coat" is my new favorite picture of you.
* the baby hat is adorable. and, are you kidding me? it's really called an "icord"? i love that! welcome to the iEverything club!!

mark said...

wait, wait ... two more bullets:
* the flounce is so perfectly you. colorful, warm and a little quirky!
* ok, i want one of those chunky knit beanie's ... like, totally!

jo ellen said...

love the pic of you with your hat...makes your eyes so blue...and it was great to see Kathy also...great job!