Thursday, February 26, 2009

birthday blessings to you!

today is my best friend's birthday!
happy birthday lisa!
lisa and I met at Grove City College all the way back in 1986 as freshmen! It was in her dorm room that I rededicated my life to Christ. It amazes me that we've been friends for 23 years!! A lot has happened in that amount of time-weddings, jobs, homes, children, moves, more children, lots of long distance phone calls, tears, crafts, thanksgiving visits, vacations, knitting, lots of laughs and memories too many to count! oh the places we have been. and oh the places we have yet to go!

lisa is one of the women I look to as a "gold standard" of godly women. this girl is a godly woman! she does everything so beautifully and with such love! I admire her knowledge and application of God's word, her dedication to her children's education by using hers to homeschool, her 'just try it' attitude, the amount of love she invests in each of her friends (and their families), the care with which she decorates her home, the economical way she feeds and tends to her family's needs, and the help meet that she is to her dear husband. I have learned so much from her! thanks for all the ways you bless me lisa!

I am SO blessed to have this godly woman in my life! I only hope I can be the friend she needs as well.
Love you Girl!
little one


stitching under oaks said...

OHHHH girl, you made me cry on my birthday. I'm the one who is blessed to have you in my life. You are such a great friend. I am so glad that God sent you into my life. We have been through so much! I'm looking forward to all that we have ahead of us! I love you like a sister! Course you are! Thanks girl! you're next.

Anonymous said...

Kind of like how I feel about you! I can't say all of that has happened between us but I can say I feel about you how you feel about her. Her and I are both very blessed to have you as a friend.
Love, Kris

Coach said...

"Gold Standard" of godly women. YES she is!!!! And the help meet that she is to her dear husband- she needs to be paid in gold for putting up with me but there is not that much gold in the world!!!
Well you made her cry on her birthday that was the first of the water. All I did was give her a water heater for her birthday!! Great job I am so glad you are her best friend! You go girl.