Tuesday, February 24, 2009

thank you doesn't say enough

a big 'thank you' to my sister for hosting the boys and me for the long weekend! we had a wonderful time. and the boys are already planning a summer weekend without mom!kathy started the weekend by presenting me with pre-birthday present choices: the crafty, the cozy, or the vera bradley option. I chose the cozy option and found a great pair of pj pants and t-shirt while shopping. then she had an A+ idea- bowling at blue fusion! the boys so enjoyed the time spent laughing and scoring together.and then yesterday when we arrived home another pre-birthday present was waiting for me from my best friend! here are the photos we took to record the opening.lisa sent the gooseberry patch cookbook that her recipe is in, a stitched moleskin, and a hand crafted bracelet! all perfect choices for me. thanks so much lease!

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stitching under oaks said...

you're so welcome! I had such fun collecting/making all the presents for you. I love ya girl! How fun for Kathy to let you pick! That would have been a hard choice, was there a "all the above" choice? She's such a great sister. Never heard of blue fusion bowling...is that something special?