Friday, February 20, 2009

yellow: day five

yellow week is coming to an end. I've enjoyed seeking out the yellow in my home. with all the grey outside, it was fun to find small pieces of sunshine to focus on inside. these are my last two yellows.
yellow: day five
scrap quote by lisa
and kitchen cookbooks

(just can't get enough light into the house for good shots! sorry.)

this week started off really grey for me. my spirit was heavy, bogged down, and tired. ever have one of those weeks where you know something is just not right, but you just can't figure out what it is? this was that week for me. I think I'm going stir crazy. we've had so much snow, so many grey days, and not much outdoor time. who wouldn't be restless? but in the restlessness I need to be able to find peace. we're not promised bright sunny days, warm sunshine, and happiness every day. we're promised a heavenly father who is beside us each step of each day helping us make the most of a life honoring Him. so in the end, my week ended just fine. my MIT (most important tasks) for my business are complete! my laundry is caught up! my house is clean! and the boys and I are going on a road trip! get ready aunt we come! humm...seeking out...I was seeking out yellow each day, and I found it. what if I seek out Him each day? I'm guaranteed to find Him!
have fun seeking out the blessings in this weekend. check back next week for a few finished knitting gifts and a peek at my new cross stitch project!


stitching under oaks said...

glad you found what you needed...have a great weekend. It's great to know He's always there offering us that sunshine our souls need.

jo ellen said...

Wonderful shots...especially fond of Connor getting off the bus and Mom Mom's cup and saucer.

Can't wait to see what next week holds.

Tom said...

I know the feeling ... It's nice to the sun now and then, and it's nice to see the son shining through your life. Uncle Tom