Wednesday, January 21, 2009

card making

this past weekend aunt karen and uncle tom came up for a visit. what a weekend to come to michigan-the coldest of the year!! aunt karen brought her new cricut, so we spent a day creating cards!
I love to send handwritten notes! I enjoy this new online medium, but I'm one of the few left who still send handwritten thank you notes, birthday cards, and general correspondence via cards. this love of the written note comes with costs (the card and the postage), both of which I am willing to pay, but have you seen the cost of a card lately? $4.00 for a card? you're kidding! so now I try to make as many cards as I can, so I can send even more love through the mail.
so here are the cards we created:
and these cards were created with my new favorite stamp from Michael's.
thanks for sharing your new machine with me aunt karen. I can't wait to share these cards with family and friends.


stitching under oaks said...

i love getting your cards in the mail...these are all so wonderful! They look professionally made! Great job!!!

mark said...

i came to full understanding of the impact that personal notes and cards can have in someone's life through my grandfather robb. it was beyond explanation how many people he sent personal notes and postcards to on a weekly basis. and at his funeral it was overwhelming to hear the countless stories of how that touched the lives of those who received them. know that you are touching lives this same way. i am equally amazed at the correspondence you send, and am forever grateful for the way that you keep grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and friends fresh with pictures, stories and the boy's school or handy work. your handwriting is universally regarded as close as is possible to perfect. but the heart that you feel for the task, and that you share with others in taking the time to put pen to paper has exponentially greater value. love you!