Wednesday, January 21, 2009

big rocks of my life

one word + big rocks = big rocks of my life project

this year ali edwards encouraged her blog readers to choose a word for 2009. a single word that would be your focus for the year. take the time to read her post and then read the words her readers shared. this idea was one part of the inspiration for my big rocks of my life project.

over my years of using the franklin planner system, I've heard the illustration of rocks a few times. in case you haven' have a collection of large rocks, pebbles, and sand. your job is to get all three items into a glass cylinder. where do you start? you begin by putting in the large rocks then add the pebbles then pour in the sand. if you visually imagine yourself doing this, you see yourself setting in, planning for, arranging everything to place the big rocks. when you add the pebbles you don't have to be as precise because they will fill the space the large rocks couldn't take. and the sand, well the sand can go anywhere. this illustration is shared to relate back to your life and your task list. when you begin with your most important tasks (large rocks) first then add important tasks (pebbles) and finally the sand (least important) you have a much more balanced life. balance-humm that could be another word for 2009. this was the second part of my inspiration.

the two ideas came together, and I created the "big rocks of my life" project. I started with rocks found during my time walking, purchased my favorite paint colors and a paint pen.
this past weekend the project came together. as we started creating cards, I also started painting rocks. "what are you doing with those rocks, mom?" "painting them" "for what?" "a project I'm creating." over and over again until they were done.

after the rocks were painted, I added my 2009 words: grace, discipline, act, create, bless, love, joy, and peace. these are the qualities I want reflected in my life. I'm praying that God will add and increase in these areas, and I will decrease. when others see these shining they will see God shining through me.
my big rocks now sit in my fiesta ware bowl on my dresser. I see them every morning when I rise and every night when I go to rest.


stitching under oaks said...

love this so much! What a fabulous bit of inspiration! I see those qualities in you already...I guess they're just going to be ooozing all over you in 2009 :)

mark said...

you are a "big rock" in my life. this project came out so good. where did that font come from?! looks sweet!

a friend to knit with said...

sweet. the rocks on your dresser. and the rock that walks every step with you.

Molly said...

i love the rock illustration. your rocks are lovely! i recite the fruits of the spirit to myself almost daily - perhaps i should paint them on rocks :)