Sunday, November 2, 2008

happy halloween weekend

october 31-november 1
a few weeks ago we went to the scarecrow festival downtown. remember the post? the boys wanted me to adopt a dog at the adopt-a-pet tent? we left with just pictures. anyway...SOR found his inspiration for his halloween costume. Mario was his choice. the creating was my job.
this may seem like a little thing {his deciding on his costume based on this scarecrow}, but it's one of the traits I love seeing in spencer. he knows what he likes and what he doesn't. I'm more of a thinker...I would have 'thought' about my costume for two weeks, then decided. he just decided. when I think about it, how many things did I not do, because I was 'thinking about' doing them? scrapbooks not started because I didn't have a plan; knitting on hold because I have to 'think' about learning a new technique; traveling the road traveled, because I would have to 'think' about how I'd travel down the other. I'm not beating myself up-I know myself. I am a thinker {know those four personality traits? director, relator, thinker, socializer?}. so, while I know myself, I also want to challenge myself to stretch a little. that's why I love learning from my children. so this week, I'm going to try to think less and experience life more. I'm looking forward to seeing what the Lord brings me this mario:
mario and my stormtropper: {look at CER's cute is that?}
the annual family carving:
{from left to right: SOR-self created; KMR- polka dots; PMR- mac love; CER-tall & happy}
mom and dad came up for the weekend to see SOR play flag football. before the game, we took a quick trip to cabelas. SOR manned the camera on our trip. this is one of the self portrait photos I found on my camera.
and after scoring four touchdowns and a win for the team, we all posed with our star player.
in addition to having mom-mom and pop-pop at the game, mr. & mrs. I. stopped by as well.

it was a wonderful family filled weekend.


stitching under oaks said...

Love the costumes and the pumpkins...can't decide which is my favorite of the pumpkins they all turned out so cute! Great display! Congrats to SOR on the win! (better than the original Cowboys!) glad the weekend turned out to be so great!

mark said...

thanks for sharing the events of saturday. i missed everyone terribly, but i am so glad mom-mom, pop-pop, mr. and mrs. I got to share the game with spencer.