Wednesday, October 29, 2008

a day in my life

today I had a long list of errands to complete during my three hours without children. as SOR gets older, his patience for "running errands" has diminished. the only thing he wants to do after school is crash with a snack.
I woke up in a "mood" today. not sure what caused it, but I wanted to get out of it. so before I left for my errand running, I decided to take my camera with me. I thought I'd try that awesome "photo a day" idea I keep seeing on flickr. then I decided to add a twist...get a photo but find a blessing in each stop. I didn't end up with a photo from every stop (I kept forgetting to take a picture!), but I did end up with a blessing at each stop.

the pictures first:
{E errand/ B blessing}

E- a to do list in the making
B- my good health to run the errands that bless my family
E- Guitar Hero lunch request
B- a son who can focus like a laser beam, when it's important
E- a stop at KFC
B- my smaller son who is always ready to help mom
E- off to the bank
B- a business that generates money to put into the bank {and take it out as well}
E- pick up more pumpkins
B- a big pumpkin patch to choose from
E- off to find a frame for autumnology
B- finding this beautiful tree to admire instead
E- come back home and regroup before school is out
B- time for my devotions; Philippians 4:8 {sidebar}; just what I needed to clear my mood
E- toys-r-us
B- blessing my boys with a surprise trip "just to look"
just a day in my life.


stitching under oaks said...

This reminds me of 'looking for roses'. I think it's great how you found blessings all throughout your day. Thanks for the reminder to choose to find the good.

Love that tree picture!

a friend to knit with said...

i love this kristyn.
yep. definitely a blessing in everything if you just look. :)
happy halloween! have fun.