Monday, September 15, 2008

simplify and savor #1

I have the "organizing bug". a couple of situations have sparked the organizer in me to be on high alert, and I've taken advantage. since school started, I've been tackling my personal routine schedule, a meal plan {with mark's expert help}, and purging areas of the house. I bring you a series on organizing.

mark and I are focusing on simplifying every aspect of our family life. nothing is off limits, from meal planning, household chores, calendars, money management, family fun, creative time- it's all in the mix to be re-thought out and prioritized. over the next week, I will be fluttering around my house simplifying my rooms and routines. as I do this, I'll be posting to my series called "simplify and savor". I know many of you already do or are familiar with many of these ideas and mantras, and that's okay, but for those of you who don't know me, I pray these bits of simplifying and organizing will help you.

the Lord blessed me- I was born organized, but I know many of you weren't and may struggle to keep your life just that ... your life. we are human beings not human doers, so let's start down a path of making our life more about relationships and blessings and less about the checks on our to do list. don't get me wrong, I love a good to do list. and I love the thrill of checking just one more task off my list. But in my current stage, I'm trying to BE MORE rather than DO MORE; have my daily tasks be more motivated by spirit than by obligation.

**some of the ideas I share were first shared by flylady. check out her website!**

So today as part of my Weekly Home Blessing Hour, I spent a good chunk of time in the bathroom and hall closet. So for today, let's go there. What does yours look like? Is it a place you enjoy thinking about? If not, try some of these tips.

Bathroom Tips
1. purchase all the same color bath towels. this will make your laundry routine even easier. you won't have a few towels in the dark pile and others in the white pile- instead you'll have all the towels in one load together.

2. I change/wash towels twice a week. Pick your days.

3. have a master list of toiletry items you and your family use on a regular basis. when you're close to running out or have run out, add it to your weekly shopping list. why stock pile items{spend your money}, when your favorite store is willing to do it for free on their shelves?

4. find a favorite _____ {fill in the blank} and stick with it. you only need to spend time deciding once!

5. I change sheets every friday.

6. eliminate extra sheets! we have two sets for the boys' beds and one for our own. when I take the sheets off the boys' beds, the clean sheets get put on at the same time! I then wash the dirties, dry, fold and into the the closet they go for next week. for my own room, the sheets come off, get washed, dried, and put right back on the bed. I'm trying to get that done before it's 11pm, and we're ready for bed. {sorry honey for the days I don't make it.}

7. don't get caught up in the b&bw craze of having to have every new scent that comes to the market or having to buy the quantity they pick for you to get a special deal. why spend more on items you don't need to "save" money? use up what you have, make do, or do without.

8. Target brand toilet tissue is great and cheaper.

9. pare down on your cleaning products! one central place for the bathroom supplies will keep you from purchasing unnecessary items as well as use the ones you've purchased. flylady says "soap is soap", so don't fill up on specialty cleaning products. find a good all purpose product you like and stick with it! who really needs 5 bottles of toilet bowl cleaner? my favorites right now are Green Works bathroom cleaner and Green Works glass and surface cleaner.

10. check the expiration dates of medicines in your closet and your children's doc kit regularly. please don't flush the expired medicine down the toilet- it could end up in our drinking water.

11. clutter {more items than you use or need} can clutter your mind. so, keep it simple!

12. wipe down the sink and toilet area each day.
13. the boys share one toothpaste. we used to have two messy, goopy containers in the closet- I couldn't handle it. we're down to one! this month ... spencer's favorite brand and flavor, next month ... connor's.

does the never seen, never heard toothpaste messerupper visit your house too?
don't be shy in sharing your ideas! what do you do? what ways do you save time and money when it comes to the bathroom and hall closet? leave me a comment; I'm sure there are many more ideas we can all use to simplify and savor our lives.


stitching under oaks said...

we truly are twins separated at birth...i too am your tips...i didn't know that about the medicines being flushed. my favorite bathroom tip is to use those clorox or lysol wipes. they can just be pitched in the trash, no wringing out of rags...i don't know about your house but we get a lot of hair on our bathroom surfaces and i can just wipe it up with the other messes that are there and throw it all away. i hate having to rinse hair out of rags....bleck1

BizzyMommyKnits said...

i'm so glad i stopped here today! on my to do list : organize! :0)

Kathy said...

Thanks for sharing your organizational ideas, I have also had the "bug" since a little bird was here. I have been using a cleaner that I spray daily to keep the shower clean, and it works!

Tom said...

i'll get karen on this organizational stuff as soon as i can. i just hope she pays attention to your instructions. LOL - Uncle Tom