Monday, September 22, 2008

simplify and savor #2

let's go to the laundry room!
nothing says 'I love you' like clean laundry, so go ahead ... bless your family! one of my personal goals for "back to school" time was to re-establish my routines. I had especially relaxed with my laundry routines, and it had become more of a chore. as with many other household tasks we do each day, it's all about attitude. and mine needed changing. I'm working on viewing my laundry task as a way to bless my family; take care of them; spoil them each many of you are like me {or the old me}: wet laundry left overnight in the washer smells in the morning; dry clothes left in the dryer until they are cold wrinkle more; husband looking for something to wear in the morning, or worse yet-ironing his shirt and pants in the morning; running out of laundry soap; loads and loads of laundry to do on the weekend.
{new me} in an effort to make laundry a habit, I've added it to my morning routine. see if my routine might work for you.
1. I empty each laundry hamper upstairs (one for each room)
2. take all the laundry to the laundry room
3. sort it into my two laundry baskets {thanks kathy for the laundry basket; I now have a matching set.}
4. start a load- white or dark, whichever I have more of; one load every day
5. when the load is done washing, it goes into the dryer, gets folded, then put away.
6. every other day I do ironing for 15-30 minutes.
Since school began, I've done this each weekday and have been free on the weekends to spend time with my family. yes, mondays bring more laundry (from the weekend), but the extra is well worth not having to think about laundry each weekend.
just a few products keep my routine simple- free and clear detergent, shout advanced, mother's little miracle, dryer sheets, ultimate care clorox bleach. that's all. make laundry time a blessing time!


BizzyMommyKnits said...

again you hit the nail on the head! i'm really trying with my laundry "habits"! i've been taking advantage of these "last days of summer" hanging my laundry out as soon as it's done washing. they are crisper and less wrinkly too :0)

stitching under oaks said...

my favorite laundry item is my drying rack outside...I'm really going to miss that when the weather gets chillier. I'll take your advice and try to see it as a blessing to my family.