Monday, August 4, 2008

future projects

amidst lisa's travel projects was a cross stitch sampler. it was adorable! have you ever forgotten how much you enjoy something until watching someone else do it reminds you? I have-and cross stitch is it for me. I love to do it! cross stitch is the first "craft" I remember my mom teaching me how to do. I remember it being fun to pick projects, easy to do, easy to transport, and even more fun framing and displaying.

thanks mom! for teaching me how to cross stitch. I stitched even though it wasn't popular at grandma's house. my grandmother is an out-of-this-world quilter, yet she always said cross stitch was just too small for her. what??? if you saw her quilt stitches, you wouldn't believe that for a second.

thanks mom! for always saying "yes" to new projects, which meant more patterns, more canvas, and more floss.

thanks mom (and dad)! for paying to have my finished projects framed. they could have all ended up in a drawer for no one else to enjoy, but you didn't allow that to happen.

during our shopping day, lisa and I made a Uturn back to a small shopping plaza to see what we could find. when we only found restaurants and a theatre, we thought the turn was for not. then lisa spotted it... "cross stitch junction." parked and we were in. this shop ended up being one of my favorite's, and if we were quilters, we would have been in craft heaven.

we found a couple projects for the coming months-one for fall and one for winter (to remind us that summer is coming).

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mark said...

every project you do, and every new creative outlet that you discover is a treasure. and revisiting an old passion is equally as special. what a great way to honor your parents for supporting something that was so important to you. it was so much fun to watch you and lisa come up with alternate words and phrases to go around the hilton head pattern. one's that were more specific to the great week that we shared. can't wait to see it prominently displayed!