Wednesday, August 6, 2008

another year older

spencer turned 11 today. I can hardly believe he is that old. it seems like just yesterday mark and I were learning how to feed and bathe him in the hospital. time flies. the challenge now is to make it fly as slowly as possible.
spencer had in his own words a "great day"
  • it began with passing up breakfast at panera for mom's chocolate chip pancakes (made me feel good, so I added a happy face, #11, and S to his pancakes)
  • getting excited each time the phone rang knowing there were probably birthday wishes on the other end
  • relaxing in front of the tv and computer
  • to the pool for a couple hours of swimming with jarrett, where he saw a few friends from school
  • play football in the backyard
  • eat pizza for dinner and chocolate birthday cake with thick icing and sprinkles for dessert
  • open "awesome" gifts

a great day according to my 11 year old. "I won't complain about thank you notes this year, mom. my gifts were awesome!"

spencer and jarrett had another great "play date". do we still call them play dates when the children are now eleven years old? jarrett is spencer's oldest friend. they've been friends since gymboree days when they were only eighteen months old! they've been playing once a week ever since. what a special friendship they share. blessings.

I pray God's blessings, His love, His protection, His wisdom, His peace, His provision, and His joy on you spencer. I love you dearly.


stitching under oaks said...

happy birthday spencer! hope your day was as great as you are!!!

mark said...

thanks for sharing the details of the day. and for creating such a special day for spencer with his brother and best friend, jarrett. your sacrifice and care for spencer is limitless, and he is blessed to have you as his mom!