Thursday, August 21, 2008

40 day tribute finale

okay, so my good intentions got me nowhere on my 40 day tribute to my husband. I was able to manage 2 sad. however, his surprise party went off without a hitch thanks to proper planning, time invested, and good friends and family to help pull it off.

these are just a few of my favorite photos of the day:
and a final A to Z tribute to P. Mark:
A attentive, accepting, available, apple

B "bud man", brother, believer, baseball fan

C caring, communicator, creative

D dad, devoted, dedicated

E energetic, exerciser, explorer

F fun, forgiving, family man, friend, father

G God focused, goofy, great

H honorable, honest, hard worker, husband, hugs, big heart

I involved, interested, in touch, intelligent

J joyful, jolly

K kind, Keillor, kindred

L loving, laugh, live, love, like

M moment maker, margin stretcher, mac man

N non-judgemental

O out of the box, oregon

P polite, prairie home companion, private

Q quirky, "quite"

R resourceful, responsible, relater

S sensitive, selfless, servant, son, "sweet"

T trusting, teacher, tender, thinker, traveler, talented, techno

U understanding, uncle

V valued, vermont, volunteer

W willing, win win seeker

X Xmas lover

Y young at heart, "yankee" magazine

Z zainey

this list isn't complete, as I know there will be many more words you think of as you look down my list. I encourage you to share those with Mark.

love you, honey. I trust the Lord will bless me with many more years with you!


mark said...

i could not have arranged a more fitting celebration that saturday. i love you for how you love me.

stitching under oaks said...

i wondered what happened to the 40 day tribute...this is even better! i'm so glad the party was a success. you and mark are blessed to have each other.