Friday, July 11, 2008

a week at cousin camp

updated 7-11

t-ball game; baseball play off game; dairy queen treats

kristyn's errands; webkinz for all; perler bead projects; I made sponge balls
t-ball game; sponge ball fight in the backyard; a day at the pool

playing with friends; lube oil and filter; special dollar store treats; down time; reading; walle movie; dinner at moe's; girl's night shopping; playground fun; boy's wiffle ball game
a day of blessings-hedke park fun; a trip to the library; free slurpies at 7-11 on 7-11; trip snick snacks; lunch outside; reading; laundry-it is finished!; pizza; movie; brownies and ice cream

saturday plans
traveling back to kentucky to meet our family for drop off

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Anonymous said...

I spy a West Virginia perler project....nice job!

aunt lisa