Saturday, July 12, 2008

the end

our campers are now half way back to their home in atlanta, ga. mark and connor made the trip down to kentucky to meet chelle and tony at chick-fil-a for the "drop off". spencer and I had to stay behind due to a scheduled MANDATORY baseball practice (due to our poor performance on monday night). as it happened- it was raining at practice time. practice was cancelled.

spencer and I enjoyed the day together doing errands- post office, pampered chef delivery, west grange, target, mcdonald's, pampered chef pick up, old navy, barnes & noble, and panera. I enjoyed listening to him read "diary of a wimpy kid" to me, then his excitement at the purchase of book 2 at barnes & noble.

I so enjoy the young man spencer is turning into. he is so attentive, generous, friendly, honest, and fun to be around.

we're home now...starting to put things back together around here. actually the only room that need attention is the kitchen (that shows how well the kids were- I was able to keep up pretty well). we had a great cousin camp week! thanks for coming to michigan carson and natalie!

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Tom said...

As I read each of the entries on your blog, I'm reminded time and time again of what a fine women, mom,wife ,sister,niece and granddaughter you are and are becoming. I've told you before and will continue to remind you of how very proud your grandfather and grandmother robb were of you. Karen and I continue to share their pride. Love - Uncle Tom