Monday, July 7, 2008

cousin camp breezes

updated 7.11.08
when I had the idea for cousin camp, I was more thinking about the fun the boys would have with carson and natalie. I wasn't thinking about learning anything about myself or parenting along the way. well, I'm now 6 days into caring for four, and I've learned a few important breezes.

1. I have to be the first up in the morning. exercise (if I have the energy), get showered, hair & makeup, dressed with shoes to keep up- not just with the children, but with "things".

2. plan for each activity to take more time than you estimated.

3. when walking anywhere- put sneakers or crocs with socks on everyone- or you'll end up taking care of blisters.

4. be sure everyone goes to the bathroom before you leave anywhere.

5. laughing, loud bursts, singing, loud talking, compromise, and some mild bickering are all part of being together.

6. follow kate's example at meal time-fix the plates for the kids-whatever is on the plate is what you can eat.

7. if you have an allergy to wheat or nuts, you basically can't eat anything processed.

8. it's the little things that mean the most.

9. a "snack" is required before bed.

10. having family you are close to is a blessing to be cherished always. don't let the distance that separates you keep you apart. let there always be enough time for us to spend together.

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