Thursday, June 12, 2008

the whole week at once

it's late. the night before we leave for vacation. we're all packed. I'm up blogging about this week's happenings. enjoy.

this year spencer has been learning a lot about reusing, recycling, and repurposing items. his science teacher, mrs. essenmacher, inspired him to inspire the rest of our family to join in the fun of being our own version of "green".

these are some of our small changes: 1. we're now recycling cans, glass, plastic, and paper. 2. we've changed all of our light bulbs. 3. I've challenged myself to keep the van parked at least two days out of the week to save gas. 4. I now use fabric bags at the grocery and when shopping at other retail stores.

in an effort to reuse, we donated several boxes of items to our church rummage sale. this was definately a "rummage" sale-where the prices and items reflected the name.

some of you will remember last year when connor found his first rummage sale treasure- a catcher's mask. well this year he anticipated finding a treasure just as special, and the sale didn't disappoint. as soon as we entered the church, he ran to the section where he remembered the sports equipment was displayed last year and then came running back to me- he had found the ultimate- cleates in his little size 12!! oh my, oh my!

the excitement and sparkle in his eyes was enough for me to say yes! to be honest, I would have said yes even if they hadn't been in his size. he treated the purchase of these cleates as if we were in dick's purchasing a pair he had been dreaming of all his life! he's worn his baseball shoes every day since the purchase, and they've now become part of his game "uniform."

you'll remember the picture of spencer's official uniform here... now I've created an unofficial team uniform for connor:

connor now wears spencer's first year jersey, socks, hat, black shorts, and his cleates to each game. I love it- he's easy to keep track of in that bright green!!

each time I look at c.e.r.'s cleates, I want remember to savor the small blessings in my life.

*a dollar for size 12 cleates* *bright green grass* *safety at baseball games* *laughter* *rummage sale blessings* *new friends* *new blooms* *creative ideas* *lounge pant fabric* *a best friend's offer to sew*

okay, now on to crafting...remember when I said I remembered why I didn't sew? well, this proves that there is a bit of hope in me. leslie has posted at least 4 pairs of lounge pants that lisa and I just LOVE!! I love to wear comfy clothes around the house, yet like to be prepared for a drop over visitor (don't have many but with new relationships forming with my neighbors, I hope to have a few), so I like my comfy clothes to be cute. I purchased this twin sheet for the fabric of my future lounge pants at the church rummage sale for fifty cents!! I thought it was beautiful- and it is soft, soft, soft- perfect for lounging.

so after I purchased the "fabric", I requested the book, with the pattern from our library system. and after I requested the book, I shared my purchase with lisa, who offered to sew the lounge pants for me! THANKS LEASE!! guess what? the book is waiting for me to take on vacation. yeah! so keep an eye out for lounge pants by the end of summer.

you already know I've been inspired to scrap a lot lately... well, I found a perfect card idea to "lift" out of a CK magazine. this is the beginning- watch for the finished products once they are mailed to my card club members.

so I mentioned vacation. we're off to florida to visit mark's parents for six days. so while I don't want to loose you as a reader, I'm not sure how often I'll have the opportunity to blog. for vacation is for making memories, so we'll be focusing on that! I'll be sure to share all the high points in future posts and out on flickr. thanks for stopping by.

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