Thursday, June 19, 2008

back from vacation

we arrived home from florida yesterday afternoon at 3:00pm. when we left orlando the temperature was 88...when we arrived at the detroit airport the temperature was 65! yikes! that was a shock to our systems.

last night was busy-kathy picked us up (because she departs tonight for iowa from dtw); we picked up our favorite pizza, ate dinner, opened the mail, listened to messages, and prepared for baseball at 6:15. needless to say, today has been full of meltdowns already, and we haven't even gotten through lunch.

connor was first with one of many this morning. let's see... the computer wasn't fast enough for him, I wouldn't allow him to subscribe to a silly website, his brother wouldn't help him play on, and just not getting to do what he wanted when he wanted. spencer was next. he asked me to pull one of his many loose teeth- BUT "pull it without touching it." I couldn't figure out a way to do that, so he melted down because his tooth was hurting. brothers are fighting-tears are flying. me...well I just got done frogging my walk-about-throw AGAIN! all the meltdowns are effecting my knitting. looking forward to a peaceful night of knitting and blogging.

check back tomorrow to see how my day progressed- I've got lots to share about our vacation including details about the photos shown above!

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Anonymous said...

You can come away. I'll never tell them where you are until you're ready to face them you!