Sunday, June 8, 2008

honoring bud man

today is our 17th wedding anniversary! can't believe it (not that it's lasted, silly; the amount of time that has past). I so married the man who became my soul mate.

honoring the man you are; and the lucky woman I am-

ur: attentive* my budman* caring* devoted* energetic* forgiving* goofy* honorable* involved* joyful* kind* owner of an infectious laugh* a moment maker* non-judgemental* out of the box* polite* quirky* resourceful* selfless* true* understanding* valued* willing* xmas lover* young at heart* zainey* accepting* baseball fan* communicator* dedicated* exerciser* fun* God focused* honest* interested* jolly* kindred* lover* margin keeper* nice* open* photographer* quite a father* relator* servant* teacher* uncle* volunteer* win-win* explorer* youthful* zoo* available* brother* creative* dad* engaged* and so much more*

some of my favorite pictures: of you, things you've made, or pics you've taken!

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Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary you two!!! Congratulations on a wonderful marriage.
love, John and Lisa