Monday, June 23, 2008

florida vacation day 4,5,6,7

florida vacation day 4
sunday, june 15
*Disney Marketplace, Orlando*
well let's get on with this vacation. sunday we all drove over to orlando to visit the disney marketplace. I,especially, had a great time-disney world is one of my favorite destinations. we'll visit one of the parks at christmas this year, so shopping had to due for now.
the disney store:
the leggo store:
the toy store:

a new pin collector is born:
and a round of putt putt:
florida vacation day 5 & 6
monday, june 16 and tuesday, june 17
*pool time*

more and more pool time was enjoyed by all of us!

florida vacation day 7
wednesday, june 18, 2008
*home we go*
we had return tickets, so off we flew to cold michigan! connor finally tuckered out during the last hour of our flight. a great vacation. thanks mom and dad!

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