Tuesday, June 24, 2008

work in progress

it's been almost a week since we returned from vacation. summertime activities, knitting, crafting & creating, and my goals (more on these later) have been the focus of my time and energy. this promises to be a long post, like many others, so start to scroll.
summertime activities:
blooms: s.o.r. baseball coming to an end:c.e.r. t-ball just beginning: wip-walkabout throw update:my walkabout throw is progressing s l o w l y.
29- 4 row repeats complete
207 st per row x 116 rows
24,012 sts so far

I've timed myself for the 4 row repeat...one hour! so I have 29 hours invested. what!!?? i'm now obessessed with finishing this throw blanket. while the yarn in this photo looks somewhat grey, it is varigated colors of blue. the finish line is in sight!

wip-thorpe update:

connor's thorpe is complete! unfortunately, I don't crochet. so my part is done...I now have to recruit a friend to do the crocheted border and side strings. until then, I'll keep it in my works in progress. he loved it and immediately put it on. now it's time to begin again with a thorpe for mark, spencer, and carson all for winter time. lisa will probably (again) have to help me begin them.

wip-cowl update:

I started a new project while in florida-my first cowl with cottonease yarn in lake. this again is a blue/grey color. it's fun. thanks for the inspiration leslie!

creating & crafting update:

my creative memoires consultant, Christine, had an all day crop on Saturday. mark graciously said "go"; and I "went" for the afternoon! my task list was full of clean up projects. my finishing included:

1. an 8x8 paper scrapbook for spencer's 11th birthday. I included some of my favorite photos of him and the journaling highlighted all of his special and unique qualities about him that I love.

2. I added my birthday weekend photos and journaling to "the 39 year project" album mark and lisa created for my 40th birthday.

3. I updated spencer's "professional photo album" with his 4th grade individual and class photo.

4. I completed my card club cards, making 15 cards. (keep your eyes closed lisa and beth! :) )

5. I finished adding the photos to our "vacations" scrapbook. mark will complete the updating of that album with the journaling.

phew! lots of scrapbooking! one project not yet seen is in progress. keep watching for it's reveal.

erin inspired me to publish a few 2008 goals-tomorrow we'll be half way through 2008, so there's still time to reach for my goals. those will come later.

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