Friday, June 20, 2008

florida vacation day 3

saturday, june 14
*homosassa state park*
mom had to work on saturday, so the rest of us went to homosassa state park. wow! wait until you see the photos we took. this park focuses on animals you'd find in the state of florida and each animal was in some way injured and now unable to be released back into the wild. the one exception to this is "lu" the hippo. lu was in the park when it was privately owned before the state took over operation, and he was unable to be relocated. the local citizens petitioned the governor and received state of florida residency for lu. so lu will finish out his days at homossa.
can't see them very well, but these are the boys grandpop gave both of the boys florida gator hats-they wore them our entire vacation.
love this photo-looks ready for teenager stage first stop-feeding time at the manatees

second stop-feeding lu the hippo

this is how lu marks his territory.

spencer enjoyed taking animal photos at every turn-here are just a few.

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