Tuesday, May 27, 2008

three day weekends

we had a wonderful three day weekend.
as a stay-at-home mom, you might think I can make my own three day weekends whenever I want, and you may be right. but even for this mom, there's something freeing about knowing you and your family have an extra day "off."

over the three day weekend:
we celebrated uncle tom's birthday.
we made our favorite breakfast (thanks for the recipe uncle john)- chocolate chip pancakes.
mark and uncle tom played, worked, and played some more with their computers.
and then there were our wii competitions! bowling, baseball, golf-the sport doesn't matter when you're among competitive relatives! mark was crowned bowler of the weekend.
mark surprised me on thursday with the new wii fit! spencer, connor, and I all registered our stats and played a few games. I found spencer's toes irresistible!
we shared lots of moments.
aunt karen welcomed a walk with connor for some one on one time. down to the quick mart they went, for a "sweet treat" while the big guys picked up pizza after the Narnia movie.
my sweet boy even picked out a sweet treat for me!

after seeing hand sewn baby blankets, I thought I would try sewing again. now I remember why I don't enjoy sewing. thanks for trying with me aunt karen.and then yesterday I finished up a few projects that have been patiently waiting for me. 1. I finished my Christmas 2006 (Disney trip) scrap.2. I picked out photos for a special scrap I'm preparing for spencer's 11th birthday gift.
3. I did my version of gardening in the backyard- mowing, mulching, and weeding.
4. I completed a few loads of laundry.
5. I walked for 45 minutes!
6. And most exciting-I finished my first baby hat from the Itty Bitty Hats book!

I was so proud of myself last night. The top actually looks pretty good! How fun to try something new and get it right! special thanks to all the blogs I visit and those special knitters in my life who don't yet share their projects online (mom, lisa, beth, kathy) for all the inspiration and encouragement!


Anonymous said...

yeah! It looks great! Way to go girl! lisaq

firstinitialp said...

i am way more than an itty bitty proud of you for finishing the hat. it looks awesome!

Anonymous said...

Three day weekends are hard to come by, it is great when you can have one and share with those you love. The hat looks great, can I place an order?


Anonymous said...

thanks for the wonderful reminder of a wonderful week-end. uncle tom