Monday, June 2, 2008

creative play

lori and I are swapping childcare this week, so kaylee came over today and connor will go to their house tomorrow. they each started the day off in great moods and anticipation of lots of fun!

the play started with cars-lots of them! I drew roads and shops with the sidewalk chalk, so they could drive around town. connor even requested parking spaces at the church! they then moved on to the workbench. they each had a home depot apron, hard hat, and tools to use to "fix" all the problems they found with our brick exterior. we took an outside break to come in and watch sesame street then it was back outside to play with the f.p. little people. they had a "lake" and a "pool" for their characters. not sure it was a good idea to leave connor with the hose as kaylee ended up a little damp.
after all that play, and repeated attempts to feed them, they decided they were, in fact, hungry. so we set out the blanket and had a late lunch in the backyard.
they got along so well all day. i was able to catch up on laundry loads (so I could begin packing for florida) and make a gift scrapbook. all that, while still having the ability to listen to all the little conversations that were going on just outside my kitchen window. "i'll be the woman. you're the man. let's get married." kaylee then followed with a humming rendition of "here comes the bride".

can you imagine a day without: responsibilities, to-do-lists, commitments, obligations, and divided attentions? these two totally focused on each other. there was compromise, negotiation, conversation, and friendship in every part of their day. I want my friendships to be like that. I want to be a focused friend willing to bend when I need too; negotiate if I have to; share to increase friendship. funny how I just realized Jesus asks the same of us. focus on me He says; bend your will to meet mine; spend time with me so we can become closer.

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