Sunday, October 9, 2011

what's real right now

what's real right now is that simplicity [freedom from complexity, intricacy, or division into parts] is escaping me. even the smallest of tasks seems to add a layer of difficulty that overwhelms me. when my piles are too much for the dining room table, I move everything to our bed, so piles can be made and dismantled one piece at a time.

what's real right now is mark and I are being challenged by work stress invading every corner of our lives. too much to do, unhappy career paths, travel, and lack of connection describe what we are facing right now. not sure how to help, guilt about spending without contributing much financially, and concern about health are lifted up daily.

what's real right now is connor is loving life in a big way. third grade is treating him well. he's growing taller each day, which is helping him reach his goal to be taller than mom...just like his brother. he finished his first soccer season on saturday; he questions everything (more than once if necessary); and wants to play the Xbox 360 24-7.

what's real right now is spencer is playing an awesome eighth grade season of football. kick off kicker, offense, and defense are keeping him challenged. he's getting more invitations to be with good friends, which makes me miss him when he's away. he's a leader, a loyal friend, and sensitive son.

what's real right now is our fall colors are beginning to shine. my favorite trees are the ones that are split down the middle with green on one side and color on the other. it's as if the tree can't decide whether to stay in summer or venture into fall.

what's real right now is I would love to finish knitting my traveling woman, make a whole pile of cards, and begin a stitch project, but I just can't make the time. I'm missing this creative space and regular contact with all of you. each time I consider taking off the ability to comment (because I'm not sure when I can reciprocate your kindness), I remember the friendships that have been formed and wouldn't want to miss out on the blessing of you!

what's real right now is my 25th High School Class reunion is this coming weekend, and I'm obsessing over an outfit that looks like "me" and if the "me" that they see will be enough?

:: this post inspired by the creativity and originality of ali edwards. ::


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Wow....You have me concerned. I hope things look brighter on the home front. At least the boys are doing great! That has to be a load off your mind. I'm here if you ever need a shoulder. Let me know via e-mail. And if it's any consolation, career issues are a very real concern for many of us. Your husband is not alone. Take care -- xo

Meg said...

I second what Jodi said. What a blessing that your boys are thriving. I'll be keeping you and yours in my prayers.

From All Stitched Up said...

I'll be sending good thoughts. Have fun at your reunion you're a great Mom and that's your most important contribution right now. The boys look happy, you are doing great. The job thing I get the time away from home - you aren't alone at all with those problems.

stitching under oaks said...

seems like seasons of our lives are subject to a variety of different struggles. I have no doubt that you'll surface on the other side of all these concerns and issues a stronger, more peace filled, better equipped woman! You're doing a wonderful job as a mother and wife...full of self sacrificing deeds all day long. I have piles too that I move around from place to place. I kinda think of them as laundry...just never quite get rid of them and that's a good thing. If I didn't have all this laundry to do I wouldn't have the family I do...same with my piles. Whatever you wear is going to be awesome because you're wearing it! you are always so put together and your inner spirit shines out making you beautiful all over. I know you're going to have a great weekend reconnecting with old friends. Keep your chin up have a Savior who has redeemed you! And because of that, all is well within His ability to take care of. Love you so much!

Gigi said...

Oh K, I'm so sorry 'things' are piling up on you at the moment! As Miss S. U. O. said so well, seasons such as this difficult one will pass soon enough, and 'all is well within His ability to care of'. Hang on Little Friend!
Bless you K and be well,

Stephanie said...

It's so good to write out posts like these. They really help you get it all out of your mind and on paper, to see things as they are and in a whole new way.

I too have been losing time for sewing and being creative, but I just try to find new ways to be creative in my daily life (like with dinner for example), and it helps a lot. Just try and enjoy the moments you're in and not worry about the "to do list" :)

Deanna said...

Remember to breath and thank God for every breath.
We are all here for you.