Friday, April 8, 2011


Friday in Speyer
"Today I am better... maybe because I got a nap in before Mark came home last night; maybe because it's Friday, and I'll soon have Mark with me; maybe because I now have a little more confidence, a little more bravery, a little more experience. I am better."

"Mark recommended I journey south to Speyer after his evening there last night. It sounds like a wonderful, small German city. Miriam agreed, so I'm off!"

:: Cathedral of Speyer ::
this is the second Roman Imperial Cathedral on the Rhine that I visited.
the first was in Worms and the third is in Mainz.
while the Cathedral was beautiful, the Jewish heritage of Speyer is what most captivated me. I visited the Medieval Jewish Court, which from 1104 to the beginning of the 16th century was the religious center for the Jewish community.

:: Speyer Synagogue circa 1104::
this is looking into the Synagogue via the Women's Prayer Hall. I was told the horizontal "brick-like" window was made by the women, so they could hear what was being said in the synagogue.
:: Speyer Mikvah, "Ritual Bath" ::
the ritual bath would be used for spiritual cleansing, which was achieved by whole body immersion in natural water. In Hebrew Mikvah means "collection of water." many of these ritual baths were built over hard to reach natural springs, thus collecting the 1,000 liters of water required for the bath.
:: city streets of Speyer ::

Speyer Observations:
~ lots of eating outside
~ outside tables are close together
~ street musicians playing
~ lots and lots of bikes with baskets
~ everyone pays with cash

tomorrow I'll share our trip to of my favorite destinations!


Stephanie said...

So far this is my favorite place! I love little towns like this with many bikes for transportation and street musicians, oh how lovely. Reminds me of my stay in Oxford England with my sis. But you have me curious for tomorrows town, since it's your favorite.

Gloria said...

Beautiful!!! I love all of this brick work. Love the history in your post. Your photos have been amazing...:)

Have a happy weekend!

xoxo Gloria

From All Stitched Up said...

What a nice journal you have made. I just caught up on thursdays entry too and I love how you feel like "there's no place like home". I always agree. It's fun to be out of your box but... when I went to Florence I agree that it was hard to be lost all the time.

mark said...

it's so hard to pick a favorite, but this would be on the short list. if we are ever blessed to return to germany, speyer would be on my "must see" list. i would love a return visit to just meander through the fishing village, sit in trinity church, linger in the ruins of the jewish synagogue, and climb the stairs of the heath tower. and, of course, that time to do it all with you!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

It's been great going on the German adventure with you. You managed to capture so many great pictures accompanied by lots of details.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

So much history! So beautiful.

Larissa said...

oh, this is my favorite stop too! Thank you so much for these wonderful photos. I especially love your photo of the window that the women made in the synagogue - says so much. Your journal entries are perfection - "tables close together, street musicians playing." Thanks so much for taking the time to share your journey.

stitching under oaks said...

I love the little streets...just how I imagined them. Thanks for taking the time to post and share all about your trip. Great post girl! Hope your weekend was a great one. (I have one piece of my chocolate is fabulous and i'm hoarding it! thanks for the blessings)

a friend to knit with said...

i could feel more lightness in your journey.
i love that.
and of course... your photos!