Tuesday, April 19, 2011


Saturday in Heidelberg
today was our first day of exploring together, and it started off a bit tense. I had been traveling solo all week determining my path and recording memories at my leisure. mark had been working and interacting with co-workers all week. I was excited to have a companion. he was excited to be taking photos and being free from the office. maybe you can sense the conflict brewing.
our first sights of Heidelberg where just as I imagined Germany to be- lots of brick buildings, tight streets, and lots of people walking and talking. we walked over the Neckar on the "old bridge" to get a foggy view of the Heidelberg Castle.
then took over 700 steps up this path to reach the "philosopher's walk." the name of this path comes from the practice of Heidelberg's philosophers and university professors walking and talking here.
from the philosopher's walk we made our way through town to reach the incline that would take us up to Heidelberg Castle.

what goes up must come down. during our walk around the city streets we found:
:: the third oldest Hard Rock Cafe ::
:: a knit shop worth browsing through ::
:: flowers in the open market ::
:: and plentiful chocolatiers ::
the view from our dinner spot gave us a great photo of what's happening now, here and around the world.
while the day started off rough, we both made adjustments in our attitudes and expectations to make the day wonderful. Heidelberg left us yearning for more time, as it ended up being one of our favorite stops along the way.


Meg said...

I love your take on Heidelberg--I'd love to see it again in person. So glad you two were able to enjoy it--conflict when traveling is never fun!

mark said...

thank you for the honesty. it would have seemed dis-ingenuous to have read about a day that was all sunshine, when the day and the views were partly foggy. and while it's way too difficult to pick favorite moments, activities or whole days from our trip, it is very easy and truthful to say that all of the choices involve time spent with you.

heidelberg was amazing! and i would go back there in a heartbeat, as long as you are with me.

stitching under oaks said...

Knit shop...you never mentioned a knit shop.. no wonder the day was so good. It looks like a wonderful place and it sounds like you have wonderful memories. My chocolate is gone. sweet kisses...it was so good.

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

There's a bread company in the next town over call Heidelberg Breads. They make wonderful loaves of bread -- I'm wondering if this is where the owner is from (he's got a really thick German accent). Your pictures are wonderful and I'm glad expectations got realigned. There are days on every trip that can be trying.

From All Stitched Up said...

What a wonderful trip. This looks like a town I'd like to visit!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Looks wonderful....even with the bumpy start :)

Gloria said...

Amazing views...I love these! I enlarged each of your photos to be able to see all the detailed beauty!

Thanks for taking us along on your journey. What a great adventure the two of you had!


Stephanie said...

I loved reading your husbands comment, so sweet :) That knit shop looked pretty sweet too!