Friday, February 11, 2011

string of hearts

my shutdown on knitting and cross stitching has allowed me time to create with paper. the stringed hearts here and here, gave me the inspiration I needed for my valentines. thank you friends for all the inspiration you so willingly share!!

white cardstock
red cardstock
pink cardstock or pink note cards
white pearle cotton thread- one 10" piece per card
pop dot
cricut cutting machine*

*I used my cricut machine with the "beyond birthdays" cartridge to cut 6- 1" white hearts and 1- 1.25" red heart for each valentine. If you don't have this machine you can use your computer to create or hand cut the hearts.

the process goes like this:
* cut enough 1" white hearts and 1.25" red hearts out of cardstock for the number of cards you'll be making. (6- 1" white hearts and 1- 1.25" red heart per card)
* using the threaded needle, string hearts on cotton thread in order- three white, one red, three white.
* attach the string of hearts from the front side of card to back.
* tie a knot at the end of each side of thread on back of card. put a small amount of tape over knot.
* once you have the hearts in a position you like, add a pop dot to the back of the red heart and attach to the card.
* write greeting and share generously.


Stephanie said...

What pretty little garland and cards! And the links of garlands are fun too, thanks for sharing!!!

stitching under oaks said...

awwww man....too cute. love these. great job girl!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

So cute! A very happy valentine's day to you as well!!

Meg said...

Oh,my goodness! This is so adorable! You have outdone yourself. I hope you're mending well. You are certainly making the most of your time!

Gloria said...

Very sweet!!!! LOVe these!! Beautiful job, Kristyn!

Happy Valentine's Day to you!! :)

Xoxo Gloria

Gigi said...

Oh, I love these! All those tiny little hand cut hearts -- you're amazing, K!

From All Stitched Up said...

So very sweet. Happy Valentines Day ! This will be my next years card ! Can I remember that long ?

a friend to knit with said...

oh! you are SO talented. these are just the sweetest... ever!
happy valentines day to you my dear friend! xxooo

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

What cute cards! You're always one step ahead with paper crafts. I'll file this one away for next year -- or maybe I'll string some shamrocks....hmmm.

Journeying Five said...

what fun cards and hearts...great job!

Larissa said...

These are wonderful! Thank you for the inspiration. Love that you are sharing your card making tips - my kiddos and i always spend time looking carefully at the beautiful cards you create - each is little work of art! Hope you day was wonderful!

Jessica said...

Fantabulous!!! Seriously so cute. Thank you ;)