Friday, March 19, 2010

finish week::precious pillow

many, many years ago (when I was in girl scouts...that gives you a clue to how long ago), I made my first stitch project. our leaders had us stitch "I am Special" on a thin piece of loose weave (gauze like) cloth.

I have held onto this project ever since. I remember storing it in my bottom dresser drawer between yearbooks, when I lived at home. and then transferred it to my hope chest, when I got married. a few months ago, I went searching for my sock monkey, and found it again. I brought it out and began making mental project plans.

have you ever wanted to do something but just not known what or how? that has described this project for me. I obviously wanted to make it into something even more special...I've saved it for nearly thirty years! and something inside of me knew it could be something wonderful...I decided on a pillow for my craft room.

follow the journey with me ...
::I knew the fabric was too delicate alone, so I fused the piece onto white muslin
::trimmed the edges
::mapped out a plan for my fabric backing
::sewed it up
::attached front to back
::stuffed my pillow
::and hand stitched the opening to close.
I cried when I showed mark the finished piece. have you ever done that? been so proud of yourself on the inside that it spilled out?

mark insisted that the pillow be displayed in our living room, not the craft room downstairs. so for now, it sits on our petite antique rocker in the living room. a long overdue finish is now complete and making me smile with pride at every glance.


Meg said...

I just love it! What a wonderful treasure, Kristyn!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

And you are special....I think it's absolutely wonderful that you saved it all these years.

stitching under oaks said...

you are so special...that stitchery was true back when you stitched it as a little girl and still true as you finished it as a pillow. You did a wonderful job. I knew you'd be a great seams look perfect!

Tom said...

nice job .... mark was right on to ask you to allow others to enjoy you handy work. uncle tom

a friend to knit with said...

i swear to you kristyn, my eyes welled with tears when i saw your finished pillow. sitting there all big and proud.
this is SO wonderful! you really ARE special!

Gigi said...

Oh Kristyn, this is special indeed -- just like you! What a lovely treasure -- just like you ;-)!

Rebekah said...

That pillow is so adorable! Good for you for keeping it for so long and for finally turning it into a beautiful display piece!

Jessica said...

Oh My Goodness Kristyn,
Your pillow is perfect!
I love the sentiment of the stitches and the value of the long treasured piece of your childhood. You have created such a wonderful memento. I hope that everytime you look at your pillow-- you realize how much all of us agree whole heartedly-- YOU ARE SPECIAL!

larissa said...

You are special, K - and you made your first stitch project into something truly special too! Love all the care you took in piecing and coordinating the back - it's beautiful! And i'd just like to say that I knew all along that there were more treasures in that hope chest of yours!

jo ellen said...

I had NO idea you still had that pillow top! What a wonderful surprise to see it completed after all these years and it looks perfect in your living room. Great job honey!

amanda said...

This is wonderful. Bet you can't look at it without feeling emotional can you? :)