Tuesday, March 30, 2010

february/march ADVENTure 2010

so my february 25th ADVENTure post deadline came and went.
then my march 25th ADVENTure post deadline came and went.
darn it!
I missed it again!
so I'm giving myself permission...to be late.
I'll try again next month, but can't guarantee living a full life won't get in the way.

I am so enjoying the process of finding the perfect idea and making it into a gift for Christmas.

these are my completed gifts:
and I've made great progress in The Prairie Schooler santa department...my intention is to stitch up 10 of these santas to hang on a simple tree in our bedroom.
as a follow up to my first ADVENTure 2010 post-my rustic scarf has been put on hold due to a discontinued yarn. I am disappointed but full of anticipation to go to my mom's lys over spring break to find the perfect yarn for rustic and these reading mitts! I hope you'll craft along with me this year!
finished gift count- 2
finished santa count- 3
finished Christmas project count- 1


stitching under oaks said...

great job...hey you're not late...just early for April! And by my count you're way ahead of the game! Good job girl...you are so good at planning and then executing. I'll need to come up with a Christmas plan so I can join you on this ADVENTure! Thanks once again, for all the inspiration. {oh my goodness...my word verification is santed...is that the verb form of santa?}

Gloria said...

Your cross-stitch work is beautiful! Is that first pillow needlepunch embroidery? That is so very pretty too!

Great inspiration to get a jump on Christmas gifts! Thanks for sharing...:) God bless!

Imene said...

Awesome stitching! I love the Santa's. You are really on top of your game for your holiday season!

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

I think you've done an amazing job -- but all that cross-stitching must make your eyes go batty! My mother always uses those Prairie Schooler designs -- they're so pretty.

And by my count, you're leaps and bounds ahead with your ADVENTure.

At Home Mommy Knits said...

Love the santas. Beautiful stitching Kristyn!

Meg said...

Everything looks so beautiful! You are keeping the Christmas spirit alive all year--now that's something special!

larissa said...

All your stitching is beautiful! Do you make all those perfect x's while watching tv - like knitting? Love how much you've gotten done - and it's only march! All your awesome santas are going to make the sweetest tree.

Jessica said...

Wow Kristyn, you are amazing! My theory is better late than never and I completely agree with stitching under oaks, you are way ahead of the game! Beautiful work, you creative girl!

Rebekah said...

these pillows are so adorable! I absolutely love the burlap santa!

mark said...

AAAmazing! and no worries, most ADVENTures get more interesting and rewarding when you get off the paved path every now and then.

love you, sweet!

amanda said...

I am very impressed at how orgainised you are! Beautiful little items!