Thursday, January 21, 2010

lunch box notes

during spencer's elementary school years, I added little notes to his lunch box. sometimes hand written, sometimes a lunch box note from a book. not every day or every packed lunch, but enough to let him know I'd be thinking about him while he was away from me. but moving onto middle school meant a stop to mom's little notes...until now.
so I had this idea. what if the note was small? small enough to be "hidden" in the bottom of his lunch box, visible only to him. something he wouldn't have to take out of his lunch box to read. something he could just glance at and know that I still think of him each day. the "what if" turned into these customized lunch box notes.
I typed my meaningful messages up on the computer; printed them out on white cardstock; matted them on black and then colorful paper; ran them thru the laminator; cut them out; and now they're ready to go into the lunch box.
I know you'll have phrases specific to your children, but these are the notes I started with:
*do your best, and we'll be proud of you!
*say "hello" to a student you don't know today.
*do something nice for someone today!
*you make wise decisions.
*you are a great friend!
*have fun at school today!
*make wise choices today.
*help a teacher today!
*you are fun!
*go out and learn something today!
we're entering the time in spencer's life when:
he needs to know I'm here waiting for him.
he needs to know he's special, just as he is.
he needs to know wise choices are rewarded.
this is just one little way I can keep reminding him of things he needs to know ... more than anything else, that I love him.


~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

Will you make ME lunch with a little note inside? That's so sweet. We used to do the same thing for our kids when they were in elementary school. My daughter loved dinosaurs, so my husband would draw pictures of different ones with little comments. Once our kids entered junior high, they started buying lunches or going out (our school has an open campus). So, besides one sixth grader who still gets an occasional note, all that is a thing of the past. I do bring a bag lunch to work everyday though!

It's good that you're so attuned to your kids. And a little mid-day boost is probably just what's needed.

Tom said...

What a GREAT idea honey. Your boys will look back years from now with gratitude and remember all the little (but meaningful) things you did for them as they were growing up. Your setting the bar very high for that special someone who will come into their lives someday. Love Uncle Tom

Meg said...

This is wonderful! I will send the kids notes on occasion (first day of school)--in October I found a bunch of silly jokes and they each got one a day for a week. Whenever I volunteer in the classroom, I try to leave a post-it on their desk (the kids are usually out of the room). But your notes (laminated, no less!) take the cake. It's so true about the kids just needing to know you're there for them. Thanks for another great idea, Kristyn!

stitching under oaks said...

you are awesome. this is truly an important stage in Spencer's life and intentionally guiding and affirming him is so powerful. My dad (a middle school administrator) always said that the middle school years were the time that parents needed to stay plugged in to what was going on in their kids lives. you're doing a great job!

Rebekah said...

this is such a cute idea! I wish my mom had put notes like these in my lunchbox

Anonymous said...

I love that Aunt Kristyn. You're so creative. I Love you so much!

Maggie #22

a friend to knit with said...

oh, KRISTYN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
you are absolutely the smartest mom i know!
how absolutely fabulous these notes are!!!!!!!!!!!
i know libby would so appreciate a note like this in her box. (charlie brown bags it... bummer)
and i have been totally dropping the ball with andrew... starting monday.... notes for two!!!!!!!!

a friend to knit with said...

i really love the "say hello to a student you don't know today". i am always telling my children that if they see someone alone to PLEASE go include them!!!!!!!!
it breaks my heart to think of a child sitting alone.

larissa said...

Kristyn, I read this post yesterday and was so sidetracked by coming up with ways I was going to incorporate this idea into my kiddos lunches that I forgot to leave a comment. So here goes: These notes are brilliant. the fact that they are reusable is brilliant. the artful, but not babyish, border is brilliant. including a note in your kiddos lunch each day - rather than once a month like i do is brilliant. my kiddos love seeing me in their school and tell all their friends I volunteer but there's nothing like a special inspirational saying. And I totally agree with leslie about the "say hello to a student your don't know today" note - everyone benefits from that! LOVE what you said about how the message itself isn't as important as the fact that your kiddo is reminded that you love him. Thanks so much for sharing this.

amanda said...

This is such a sweet idea - what a fab mum you are!

Alison said...

Such a sweet idea! You are a fabulous mother and your children are blessed to have you!

rObrak said...

Cute! I think its a very beautiful idea when it comes to encouraging our kids to do some new stuffs. Especially on the first day of the school. Saying "Be friendly!" or "Smile always it makes you more beautiful!". =) There's another packed lunch container that you can do this idea. You can write on the surface of the container with a special pen then you can also remove it easily. You can also draw anything,write your names there or your cute notes. And when its break time, your kids will happily see your note while eating their packed lunch. Isn't it good? If you're interested you may visit Happy Tiffin there are many stylish, portable and eco-friendly products to choose from.

Jessica said...

What a great idea! I can tell you are the kind of mom everybody dreams of having! I'm lucky enough to have one of those kind of Mom's ;-) I am definitely going to try this.