Friday, December 4, 2009

it's a good thing

several years ago I read this article in Family Fun magazine and made the holiday planner the very next day. since then this planner has been my guide and saving grace for making it through the holidays...organized. it is one of the best holiday crafts I've made for myself. nothing fancy about the cover {special because Mark designed it for me though} or the binder. When I started the binder was just a 1/2" but now I've graduated a 2" size, for though years pass, my holiday planning pages remain...for the memories. the tabs are labeled:
* December countdown
* holiday gift list
* holiday card list
* recipes, menus, & parties
* crafts & decorations
* holiday memories
***note-all of the planning sheets can be found here.***

in lining up with our family mission this Christmas, mark and I made a list of all our favorite family activities that lead up to Christmas day. this year we were very deliberate in finding a spot for each one on the December Daily calendar. in past years we've not taken our planning to that last step and some of our favorites didn't happen or had to "wait until next year," leaving us disappointed and experiencing regret. we wanted this year to be different. some of this year's planned favorites include:
December 6th- a long winter's drive to look at Christmas lights
December 11th- an entire day of baking
December 14th- watch a holiday movie together
December 15th- delivery of our homemade food gifts
December 17th- phone caroling to long distance family members
December 18th- a 'shop for each other' night for the boys

I hope you'll find a small way each and every day of December to celebrate this season of peace, love, and giving. whether it's listening to your favorite holiday cd in the car, treating yourself to a self indulgence, or surprising a family member with a phone call, find a way to celebrate. wishing you joy this December!


Lyndsey said...

What a neat idea! I'd never heard of it before! I have to say though, 2" is pretty big!! What a wonderful holiday you guys must have :-)

~ The Jolly Bee ~ said...

This is a wonderful idea....You are so organized. I like how you've dedicated specific days for specific activities (ie. the all day baking extravaganza). I should really try this -- I'm heading over the the linked site now to print out pages. Thanks Kristyn.

Heather said...

Oh my, I just love this. I really can get a bit lost with everything that I want to do and accomplish through the holidays, so what a great idea to keep things organized. Thank you for sharing

stitching under oaks said...

I love my binder as well! And I love your plan of putting those 'must do' things on the calendar! very smart! Thanks for sharing your thoughtful and full of wisdom ideas! Love them!

Gigi said...

Great idea! Don't we all need help with the overwhelming (but so fun!) task of getting ready for Christmas.

Journeying Five said...

you might be able to market that book! hope your holidays are a blessing to your family.

knittinbrit_in_wi said...

What a great idea! We're having our family meeting tonight so I think we'll be using some of your ideas.

Have a wonderful holiday!

larissa said...

K, you are so organized - and the binder itself is pretty! my holiday gift list is on a tattered paper in my knitting bag - not so good. but we are celebrating each day this season too - this week we will continue with cards and decorating while listening to holiday music - which always involves lots of singing and dancing. i'm looking at the shop for each other night you have planned and wondering if that's something we could do this year - without spending too much, buying stuff no one needs, or driving mom crazy in the store - if it turns out well, this could make a special holiday memory. as always, thans so much for sharing!

a friend to knit with said...

oh my. you are my hero. honestly. i want to be that organized!!! and write with your penmanship!
i love this.
and i hope the lights were wonderful!

Ellen said...

Great idea...I REALLY need something like this. I find the holidays to be both enjoyable but overwhelming. And my lack of planning ahead can leave me in a not so nice mood. Thanks for the pages link.