Tuesday, September 29, 2009

truth (project 2)

a few weeks ago I started two exciting Bible studies. both promise to encourage me, challenge me, and ultimately change me. I feel like I've started a new journey, and I will use a few of these 5 in 5 projects along the way.

the first week of our sunday morning Bible study, I noticed our leader Kim had a pile of index cards written with scripture. my mind started thinking...(I do some of my best thinking during our service)...about how to use scripture cards. "I know! I could make a pack of scripture cards for my friend. so whether she's at treatments, having a bad day, or having a good day, she will be encouraged." I was so excited!! I immediately started making a list of all my favorite verses. the next step in my creative process was to share this idea with mark. "I think it's a good idea. but based on my past experience, some of the ideas I think are meant for someone else are really meant for me. so I encourage you to let this idea percolate and see who it's meant for. maybe you should make one intended for yourself, share the idea with her, then give it freely if she shows interest. we quite often think of ideas in the context of other people, but we have to be sensitive to the percentage of spirit and the percentage of self in our intention."

that wasn't exactly the response I thought I wanted, or would receive. but that response was just what I needed. because just one night later we dove into the truth issue at my BW study, and I received the validation from the Spirit that I was to make this journal for myself.

a spark from a pile of note cards turned into an idea, that I made my own. this truth journal is the creation. this is so exciting!

I picked up all my supplies at Target- a Real Simple index card pack held together at one end with a large screw and a scrapbook paper kit. I embellished the front with stickers spelling out "truth" and added a few chipboard and felt flowers.
this truth journal will be filled with verses...filled with truth! and I hope I have to make more than one!


stitching under oaks said...

You and Mark make such a nice compliment to each other...how wonderful that he could speak truth to you and that you were able to hear it...and now you're loading up on truth! I love your little book of scriptures, how powerful the Word of God is! The cover is once again, you making it yours and it looks fabulous!

mark said...

love this truth journal. for the past year or so, i have been writing notes and references on small pieces of paper and keeping them in my Bible. it is awesome to be thumbing through, and find a little nugget of truth, and be able to see where God is taking me.

way to take an idea and make it uniquely you. total K art!

Heather said...

What a special way to journey through truth. Thanks for sharing

larissa said...

you are sure to keep this close by and add to it often now that it is so beautifully personalized! and you'll be required to give a demo at your next Bible study class because everyone else will want one too!