Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a healing sting

last night when I had mark proof read my blog post, these were a few of his words:
"you can FEEL sad, but you can't BE sad."
ouch! that hurt!
I came back with, "yes... I can BE sad!" I didn't do much more listening after that.

I'm sure that's happened to you. there you are thinking you are so right about a certain issue...then wise counsel shares their wise counsel, and you realize you're not so wise. and you're not so right.

I'm so excited with where the Lord is taking me right now. in our Women's Bible Study on sundays, we're going through Charles Swindoll's book Releasing Worry and Finding Worth as a Woman. and in my monday night study, we're doing Biblical Womanhood by Cindy Hawks. both studies are challenging me, and what I believe.

where do you find truth?
I'm learning I may have been looking in the wrong places for truth. the Bible is our only reliable source of truth, and yet I have to be honest and say that I've relied on my parents, my friends, my husband, my pastor, the media and many books to teach me truth. while some of these sources can be used as my wise counsel, they shouldn't be my source of truth.

so today I created a truth book. a place to record all the scripture verses I want to focus on. (I'll be sharing that project along with a wellness journal in a future post.)
but for now, it was a really good day for me. I took a good walk, spent time in devotion study, put on a pretty outfit {even though I was staying home all day}, listened to uplifting music, took time to pause, and focused on not being sad. at the end of the day, many of my piles have been eliminated and many of my worries have been given to the only One who can do anything about them. it was a really good day.
so mark, thanks for stinging me last night. it was just what I needed to focus on truth.


Alison said...

I like that idea- a truth book! Kind of like a homemade, personal, 'Pocket Promise Book' (I love those!)
Take care-

stitching under oaks said...

this is such a great post! we need to keep going back to the Word for that truth serum. Thanks girl for this powerful reminder. I'm so glad that you're doing better! Hang onto that truth!

larissa said...

What a great journey you are on to find your truth! I'm so glad you had a good day. Living well, day by day, is really all we can do to better ourselves and find our truth. sounds like you're on your way.

Journeying Five said...

truth...we really do need to find it and hold onto it when it seems so absent in our culture...wise council for sure!