Wednesday, September 9, 2009

the first full day

while the boys' actual first day of school was yesterday, today was their first full day. which means it was also my first full day home alone in twelve years! the morning rain subsided long enough for both boys to ride their respective buses to school, and as I walked in the back door, I thought to myself, "so now what?"

my "now what" turned into cleaning and purging room by room. spencer's dresser needed a good purge and straighten; connor's toys got the same treatment; and our bedroom was put back together after our weekend away. after working in the kitchen, I started my laundry loads, had a bite of lunch, took a quick nap, then started working my business.
I left these little notes for the boys as I left each of their rooms. I'm thinking my lunch box note idea needs to take some physical form tomorrow.

I learned a few things today:
* raising independent, confident young men is bittersweet.
* the house is extremely quiet when the boys aren't here.
* I find comfort in cleaning and organizing.
* routines make me run smoother.
* too much stuff makes me tired, so I have to purge it.
* my boys bring activity, noise, conflict but even more love, joy, and fun!
* thoughtful emails from close friends give comfort in difficult situations, thanks lease.
my day finished with the first sight of fall in michigan
game time with connor
and the love of a good magazine.
I want to seize the new opportunities this time gives me, enjoy new experiences, and grow and mature along with the boys. Lord, stay with me as I go day by day through this year.


mark said...

the number "12" still stuns me, and makes me connect on an even deeper level with the emotional transition this is for you. these past twelve years with you at home, caring for our boys so expertly and selflessly, have been the most precious investment you will ever make. you have set them on a firm foundation, and you can plainly see the fruits of that labor of love. you are beyond a treasure, and i am so humbled to walk this pathway with you. you will bloom in these next years, as much, if not more than the last twelve. i love you. and you have my ear, my shoulder, my hands and my heart in support of wherever life takes you now. well done, sweetheart ... well done!

At Home Mommy Knits said...

I'm so happy for you to have this precious "me" time during the day now. I agree with your husband that you will definitely blossom more and differently with a bit more for yourself. Your family is very lucky to have you!

stitching under oaks said...

I'm so glad it went well. I knew you'd find your groove. So what if you have the most organized, cleanest house in the neighborhood!? I'll only allow myself to be slightly jealous. Seriously, I liked how you thought through the things that you learned...that is so powerful. Love you girl! Keep shining!

Anonymous said...

Wow i hope the boys had a great day!


Heather said...

Oh Zingo Bingo, that is a family favorite for us as well :)

The "me" time is important, but I can understand how it must be a very hard transition. I suspect that these moments come a few times in our lives, and each one brings bigger challenges. I wish you a blessed and peaceful transition, and a lot of space to find some fun time all to yourself

Hip Mountain Mama said...

This sounds great. I can't believe you got a nap! My girls were both in school for just the morning today and I found myself browsing the used book store for about 45 was heavenly!

Journeying Five said...

sounds like you faired through the first day okay! hope this newest transition goes well!

larissa said...

i totally 'get' all that you learned! I missed my kiddos too plus I also cleaned and purged! i love the notes you left for your guys - you are so good when it comes to all the little details that make such a big difference! i will be taking this day by day journey along with you - and spending every second of after school time helping with homework, cuddling on the couch, playing zingo, make this a great year!