Monday, April 27, 2009

home again

spring break was wonderful! we were able to see family and friends all along our three legged tour. easter weekend was spent in ohio at my parents' farm, spring break week was spent with my best friend lisa and her family in maryland, and our final weekend the boys and I met up with mark to visit my cousins and tour washington d.c. too many great shots were taken; I'll just show you a few favorites and you can visit my flickr to see more. a big THANK YOU to all our hosts. we LOVE you all.

cer became my dad's horse feeding partner:
my best friend lisa and me:

and our lovely children:

corry, sor, cer, and carly at generous george's restaurant:

capitol city sites:

there was lots of crafting with lisa. that will come in another post. blessings until then.


larissa said...

What a nice - and long - vacation you had! Do your parents live on a working farm? how fun for the boys!

stitching under oaks said...

Sounds like a wonderful time at each leg of the trip. We miss you bunches and are so glad you included us in your spring break travel plans.

mark said...

missed you while you were gone. but so glad you had the chance. miss being in DC, too! in the time since i was last there, i had lost some of the appreciation for how amazing a place it really is. made even more so, by being able to see and stay with corry and carly.

Spruce Hill said...

Welcome home! Were you close to Spruce Hill?