Tuesday, March 24, 2009

just checking in

I'm working A LOT this week, so there isn't time for creating and crafting. but like larissa, I'm looking forward to beginning a new project next week. I'm going to take a project break from knitting and stitch up a few felted wool easter eggs.

you might remember my original post about crafting from what I have. I've challenged myself to use up, make do, or do without in the crafting department. I didn't realize I had so much yarn in my stash. actually, I didn't realize I HAD a stash until this challenge started.

so far, I've finished 7 projects from this pile of yarn. check out the 'creating from what I have' set out on my flickr to see what I've completed.

have a happy week my friends!


stitching under oaks said...

I spy lots of good yarn. You'll be through your stash before you know it. So, when you come to visit me, be prepared to restash! I'm ready and waiting.

larissa said...

seven projects! that's progress! I usually gravitate towards bigger projects but these days I've been taking on smaller ones so that I can actually finish something! I'm working solely from my fabric stash these days, too. Thanks for checking in!

mark said...

i am tempted to say that you have a really nice stash, but that might be risque, so i won't ... or i just did, one or the other, i am confused. i am so proud of your dogged commitment to using it up. not because i wouldn't support a new purchase in a heartbeat, but because it takes great courage and perseverance to tarry and not falter in the midst of a not-mandated sort of commitment. you choose to use up, and you choose to love and give with every stitch. rock on knitter babe! love you ... mark

jo ellen said...

Good for you my finisher...you might even find another "stash" when you visit, one thats "free". Start something fun for yourself, you deserve it. Does this mean we can't go to the knit shop in Wooster?


a friend to knit with said...

love your challenge. some day i will do that, too. :)
hope your week is beautiful.

skeinsherway said...

7 projects from your stash? Way to go!!
Happy knitting-