Friday, February 13, 2009

valentine's party prep

we made pretzel buttons for spencer's class instead of paper valentines. his request...because he's now in 5th grade! these are so easy and so delicious. here is the recipe.
we made over 160 of these! our only mod to the recipe- we found 2.5 minutes at 350 was the perfect time for melted (but not burned) kisses!

my personal tip: stock up on the kisses by purchasing them on clearance after valentine's day! they'll be fresh for months and you can add the easter m&m's for our next holiday! this is a "go to" recipe! enjoy.


stitching under oaks said...

I love these! I also love the idea of buying them on sale and using the seasonal m&ms for each holiday! Happy Valentines Day! Hugs and Kisses for everyone!!!!

Liz said...

Those look quite yummy - and toddler friendsly. Thanks.

Meg said...

I discovered this recipe last year--we made them as Christmas treats, but I think they're great any time of the year!