Monday, February 2, 2009

craft to relax

sunday afternoons are pj days for our family. once we arrive home from church, we all get "comfy" and begin a day of recharging. it's quiet around here, and I like it that way. on a typical sunday afternoon, connor takes a nap; spencer reads or plays his psp; mark watches sports and is found not far from the couch; and I flutter about-sleeping for a spell, maybe a load of laundry or two to get a jump on the week and possibly some craft time.

I spent a good portion of yesterday crafting. kathy and I started making cards before church, and I continued after she left for home. funny how all crafters are unique in their tastes and styles. my aunt and my sister like to make one unique card after another, while I like to spend time planning out ideas to find one I love, so I can make multiples. so yesterday I lifted an idea my sister created with one of my stamp sets and made multiples. some of these sets will be used for birthday gifts for special friends.

kathy purchased 100 of these pale pink, postcard style cards at a local high end stationery store that was closing it's doors. she picked them all up for $6.00! I added some $1.99 ribbon from michaels and my stamp design, and called them delicate.
after my cards, I moved on to knitting. I finished another "rosebud" baby hat for one of mark's co-workers and started the "pink paper bag" hat for a special friend. both of these hats are found in itty bitty hats by susan b. anderson. those pictures will come tomorrow.


mark said...

i loved watching the creativity of the card session. and love, love, love the knitted creations! just continue to call me ... amazed, still.

stitching under oaks said...

I knew your middle name was "hallmark"! those are beautiful. sometimes you just need a bit of a card to send your sentiments. those are perfect!

Kris said...

What a great Sunday afternoon. I love those days. I'm not creative but I like Mark's idea..not to far from the couch!

ali said...

There you go again, tempting me to pull out my stamps... love the simply pretty cards!