Thursday, January 29, 2009

cancer free

kris is cancer free!
you may remember this post from last year. a lot has happened to my friend kris since her surgery (many things she keeps hidden away from all to see), but today is a joyous celebration!! her oncologist said the words she fought so hard to receive- "you're cancer free!" yippee kris is cancer free!!

praise the Lord for this blessing!

at some point during her chemo treatments, I remember asking kris "how do you know the treatments are working?" she replied, "we don't. we just trust that based on previous patients this course of treatment will work." wow! trust that it will work. faith that it will work. kris trusted by praying her way through each and every visit.

being a survivor will bring it's own set of challenges. but in kris' words- each day from here on has sunlight shining on my face. blessings to you kris, my dear friend, blessings indeed.


mark said...

i am so immersed in God right now, i can hardly speak. i cannot remember the last answer to prayer that has stunned me as much as this one. stunned, not with an ounce of surprise, but with the vivid reminder of how good our God is. there is no guarantee for even the healthiest of us to continue in great health, and "cancer free" is no guarantee either. but there is only celebration today! kris is cancer free!! kris is cancer free!! praise God Almighty, kris is cancer free!!

stitching under oaks said...

Yeah! This is such shouting news! I was so happy when I read her update today! You've been such a good friend to her through out this whole process! God is so great! Praise the Lord!!!

Anonymous said...

Praise the Lord!!!!! I was JUST JUST JUST thinking about Kris this morning, and wondering how she was. My mouth dropped when I read the title of your blog. I love how you pointed out her trust and faith, the only things that can get us through when we have no control. His ways are certainly higher than ours. What a praise!!! Thanks for this post, I loved it!!
Love you, christy

Rose said...

How wonderful! I needed some good news today :-)

Heather of the EO said...

Thank you for your comment for Tuesday! Thank you...
I appreciated your words, grace for today...just for today. One day at a time.

And what a great day for me to see this news about your friend! So happy for her (and you)


Tom said...

None of us know why God chooses to save some and not others, but I'm certainly thankful that our petitions have been heard and that he has indeed answered our requests. Thank You Lord !

Uncle Tom

a friend to knit with said...

oh! that is so wonderful!!!
so happy for her and everyone whose life she will continue to bless!

Sarah S. said...

Yay Kris! good girl! It's hard not knowing, waiting and wondering. I think it the hardest part!
My day to day life while kicking cancer's butt